Champions of Norrath (Or sucking the teet dry)

One more everquest game!

Looks to be a random dungeon gauntlet type game.

This begs the question: are the Everquest mythos that fertile of a ground for games like this? So far we have a ps2 version, a sequel, an RTS, and a single player RPG. I thought that EQ’s backstory was a warmed over version of DikuMud’s, with some name changes. Of course, this was when it first came out. So how can it support all of these games?

This begs the question: are the Everquest mythos that fertile of a ground for games like this?

Definitely not… but the game hasn’t sold because of Everquests’ mythos in a long long time (if ever). Sony just considers the title itself to be an asset now, with some justification, since some people will buy anything that says “Everquest”. I’d bet the marketers are dreaming up even more spinoff products, with little regard or concern for the “backstory” of Norrath.

I’m shocked… SHOCKED! to hear that the marketers are in control, and not the creative people! :wink:

I don’t know. It seems to me Sony would be wise to test the waters with a single, stylish, non-MMORPG EQ game before it decides that the mythos can be exported to other formats and platforms.


Read a bit more. Actually sounds a little more like something worth playing. The same people who did the console Baldur’s Gate are doing this, with 4 player muliplayer, either with multitap or networked. Dunno, might be something worth playing.

Hey! More insterested in this than the RTS EQ game. Sounds BETTER than DnD Heroes (though DnD Heroes probably will look better on Xbox. Would have been really cool to have a complete Diablo 2 knockoff in Norrath on PC …because I actually like that generic Norrath!


I’m actually impressed by Sony’s ability to turn this thing into a license beyond the “Gorld of Wreyhawk” thing that it started out as.

Your Power Pill

Everquest has a pretty interesting story backdrop and political history, so I am not too suprised they are ‘franchising’ the name Everquest.

The RTS looks pretty pathetic though, but a 4 player dungeon crawl with constant killing isn’t bad in my book. Hopefully the developers know what they are doing.

You couldn’t get me to play EQ but this does look like a fun PS2 title for multiplayer.