Chance in Hell: An Introductory AAR to the Occult Chronicles

So if I’ve never played a Vic Davis game, how much at sea am I going to be if I pick this up tonight?

Building off of triggercut’s question…
So if I’ve never played a Vic Davis game, what would be the best one to play as my first one?

Personally I think OC is the most accessible of the four with the only caveat is that I didn’t really play a lot of Six Gun Saga. I found the mix of CCG and turned based strategy to be great in AE. But there are a lot more rules to playing AE, than there are in OC.

Nice, tylertoo!

Given that falling into the basement is entirely possible, would it make sense to try to scout the first floor for the stairs to the basement first? Then if you do fall, at least you have some idea where you’re going?

Yes, that would make sense, but in truth this was the first time in numerous playthroughs that my character had fallen into the dungeon level! I didn’t even know it could happen, so I didn’t think to do such mapping. And obviously falling into the toughest level this early in the game is a sure recipe for a quick demise.

So I am sorry that the story ended so quickly. But my main goal in doing this AAR was just explaining the basics to those who are curious. I hope the AAR at least accomplished that, despite its brevity.

Again, the main discussion thread for Occult Chronicles is here.

It did! I hadn’t looked into the main thread at all, but now I’m seriously considering picking this up!

Same here. Thanks for the AAR!


Nice AAR. Vic, I love the art in this game. A question: does it make any difference at all which avatar you select when you start a game? I can’t see any difference, since the avatar on the gameboard is always the trenchcoated fellow.

The icon in-game doesn’t change, but the different backgrounds and traits make a massive difference in the game experience.