Change You Can Suspend Your Disbelief In

I love the Fafblog.

What these namby pamby privacy-pamperers don’t seem to realize is that in order for Barack Obama to affect real change, he has to get elected president, and in order to get elected president he has to appeal to the millions of ordinary hard-working Americans who want to get wiretapped by Barack Obama - ordinary hard-working Americans like the staff of the Obama campaign.1 Now that doesn’t mean Barack Obama doesn’t stand for change, because he totally does! He isn’t just going to be spying on you and blowing up the mideast - he’s going to be the first black man in history to spy on you and blow up the mideast!2 The next time a U.S. air strike kills a wedding party in Kabul, or an American-made cluster bomb tears up a refugee camp in the Gaza strip, the bloodied and limbless survivors will emerge weeping from the wreck to remember Obama’s inspiring life story - his father from Kenya, his mom from whatever white place his mom’s from - and think, "I’m so proud to be maimed by someone with such a unique appreciation of the American experience!"3