Chaos Reborn - turn-based tactics from X-Com creator


Go to the Friends list (top left, third icon along) and select “Add Friend”, then you can type in a wizard name.



I’d forgotten about that icon up there. I’ve now officially added gruntled in CR too.


I have a bunch of games waiting for players. Did you all suddenly stop playing all at once, or am I doing something wrong?


Yeah sorry I only noticed tonight, been busy playing 9 games of Antihero, lol.


I’ve got a bunch waiting as well. Maybe we are both doing something wrong, or the game is.

Nope, it was me. I’ve started games against Otthegreat and krayzkrok. I also accepted an invite to a 4-way with @krayzkrok, so that game is ready to start.

Finally, I only have one game waiting on @ron_debry to start.


I have a few games that have been sitting for several days. I’ll re-invite and see if it fixes it.

I’m heading off back to Darwin this afternoon, via a couple of days in Singapore, so I may possibly be offline until Sunday.


I have been ‘ready’ in your game for awhile, @Otthegreat. You need to hit Start Game (I forget to do that all the time, because nothing changes in the games screen after all players have hit ready).


You’re right, sorry! I forget which games I’ve hosted sometimes. Feel free to prod me in the thread here if I forget again.


The game’s had a permanent price cut to $9.99 (from $19.99):

I hope this leads to an increase in the player base.


I barely ever play multiplayer. :( Maybe they will port Rebelstar Tactical Command to PC one day.


Then you are missing out! There’s a handful of QT3ers who regularly play async matches. I’m “Krugerok” in the game if you’d like to set up an async game.

$10 is a steal for this game, currently approaching 340 hours played (that’s actual hours, not idling away). Still play it daily where possible.


The thing is, I need some kind of story or RPG aspect to keep me going. I lose interest with pure strategy titles and sims.


I can tell you a story over chat while we play a match, if you like?


Never change, krok.


Can I be the little girl who was really a princess? I’ve always wanted to hear that story!


To get us through til return-o-krok, I made a game and invited everyone who I think is playing these days: @geggis, @lordkosc, @belouski and @Otthegreat.


You can add me if there is a slot.




@Otthegreat - you can hit start


I’m not completely back yet, only partially back, but I made my moves! Tomorrow too, but after that… well, it could be another week at least. Sorry for grinding things to a halt.