Chaos Walking - What all men think all the time

Based on a YA book trilogy by Patrick Ness and a rewritten screenplay by Charlie Kaufman.

If you think Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley look younger than you’d expect, you’re correct. The movie was filmed in 2017, reworked in 2018 due to poor test screenings, and originally was supposed to launch in 2019. Reshoots instead happened in 2019 because both actors were busy with their tentpole franchises in 2018.

The movie has the same wig issues Fantastic Four had. There’s a clear difference between Ridley’s hair in original shots and the reshoot.

Hmm. That doesn’t really bode well for the adaptation. Everyone should read the original books though. Fucking amazing, and The Knife of Never Letting Go is a killer title (and it’s fucked that they’re going with the trilogy title instead, unless they’re condensing the whole trilogy into one movie in which case…well, that really means it’s likely to suck.) One of my favorite villains ever. So charming. So terrible.

Never heard of it. Bought! Thanks.

Agreed, though be prepared to have your gut thoroughly wrenched. The Chaos Walking series is a roller coaster ride of emotional whiplash. TKoNLG is probably the only book in the last decade I’ve read in a single sitting (having intended to just check out the first chapter after my kids went to bed.)

Is the age difference between Ridley and Holland intentional?


Well, he looks younger than 24.

By the way, the original movie was directed by Doug Liman, but the 2019 reshoots were directed by Fede Alvarez because Liman was busy with his TV shows Suits and Impulse.

Good pedigree, then!

Whew. The reviews for this are pretty bad. Even Variety gave it a negative.

Oh man, they even got Mads Mikkelsen to be the Mayor. And still. :(