Charge your mobile without electricity

Wow, a legitimate use to use this:


Damn it balut, I just sent a PM to Tom and was about to glory in being able to properly say reported. Beaten to the punch.


Unnecessary snark.


What a cheat.
Nowhere on that site does it say how to charge your mobile without electricity - you can however get the Crazy Frog ringtone in hindi.

Mobile phones! It’s made of Peepal!

Yoda? Is that you?

I’ve got a wind up and solar powered radio that can also charge a mobile, I’ll sell it to you for enough krone to buy a pint in Norway.

Don’t forget to buy the perpetual motion kit.


  1. Remove troll from holding cage.
  2. Place inside hamster wheel.
  3. Ensure compartment is tightly closed.
  4. Do not feed after midnight

Nobody carries that amount on their person!

Nobody carries such a large amount on their person!

Do we have a “Reported - Achievement Unlocked” graphic yet?

Are all of these going to make it onto the BANanas and Nuts picto-chart? Tom, you may have given yourself a break by openning the gates, but you’ve screwed Alan Au.

Congratulations to balut for his first REPORTED win. We should keep score and hand out valuable prizes!


Tromik, you’re confusing your posters with vowel-heavy last names. Albert Woo is the guy who does the banning chart. Alan Au is James Wagner Au’s brother.


That’s rough for Alan, because Albert Woo makes the charts.

[Edit]: Sheesh, Tom, the one time you pay attention to a thread.

Albert Woo should start up a second poster, dedicated to everyone who’s successfully wielded REPORTED.