Charging my iPod

Question for you iPod owners out there: DO you have trouble getting the dang thing to charge when connected to your computer via Firewire?

I have mine connected to my PC with the Firewire cable. Sometimes it charges the battery, sometimes it doesn’t. Right now I can’t get it to charge at all.

Anyone know a solution to this problem?

I don’t have an iPod, but I had the same problem initially with my Dell DJ. The problem was that the DJ only charges off of USB when there is more than 25% charge on it already. Maybe the same thing is going down with your iPod. These things all share like 50% plus of their hardware in common anyway.

The “solution” is to reset the iPod when it’s plugged in for charging. That usually gets a full charge on it, but it’s a hassle

The other solution is to charge for the four hours which is supposed to fully charge it. Then you play a single song (doesn’t matter for how long, just a few seconds is ok) then you plug it in and charge it again. This works all the time. I think read about it at

That usually works for my 20gig iPod, although it’s very annoying. I returned my first iPod because I thought I got a bum battery, but this new one has the same problem.

Is it supposed to charge when hooked up to a PC? I just got an iPod, and the manual says it’ll charge when hooked up to a Mac, but I didn’t see anything about charging while hooked up to a PC.

If you’ve got a firewire port, it’ll charge through that.
If you’ve got a USB port, you’ll need to plug the firewire end of the cable into the AC adapter they provided
I find it’s more convenient to use the USB2.0 cable. One end goes to the dock, one goes to the AC adapter and the other goes into the computers USB port. Then I can charge my iPod even when the computer is turned off. Of course, the USB 2.0 cable cost me 29.99 CDN…

I’m still having this problem. And now the battery meter seems to be wonky. I charged it up this morning until it said “Charged”, then played a song. The battery meter slid down to 75% full, then a few minutes later it was back up to 100%.

Eh… I’m annoyed, but I’ll probably just buy another cable so I can just plug it into the wall to charge it. Anyone know if the cradle comes with a cable or if it’s just …a cradle?

I believe it’s just the dock. (Yes, it’s a forty dollar paperweight. Yes, that’s outrageous)

The problem with the battery happens for me whether I charge through firewire or I charge from an AC outlet

I just bought one for my 15 GB and yes, its just the dock. I have found sometimes mine doesn’t charge if I leaved it open in itunes. It will synch and then just sit there. But if I eject it from itunes, or close itunes, it seems to charge just fine.

If the iPod is mounted as a drive, the hard drive is constantly spinning. You need to eject it so that it will charge.

That said, I’ve never had a problem with my 20GB one, I use the USB2.0 cable at home and the firewire/AC pack at work

I don’t have problems charging up my iPod, but get false readings like Thrrrpptt! mentioned.

It does get mentioned often in the iPodlounge Forums