Charity team-building events

Has anyone been part of a great team-building event that has a charitable theme to it? Our finance/accounting team of about 70 people is looking to do one in LA next month. Found a few sites that have events that can accommodate us but don’t know much about them.

Anyone here have any experience with this at all? Looking for it to last somewhere between 2-4 hours.

Here a couple I’ve looked at already:

I’ve done a couple of team-based volunteer events for work. One was at an HIV/AIDS service organization in New York, and the other at a food pantry in the Bay Area. Both were great experiences, although they were more focused on service and not explicitly on team-building. That said, participating in something like that with a group of colleagues definitely leads to stronger ties.

The focus is more on the charity than the team-building, as we’ll probably do something else in the afternoon. A friend just recommended the LA Food Bank to me, so that’s a strong possibility. Thanks!

If you reach out to local non-profits they usually have activities you can do where they basically use you as free labor. I spent an afternoon mixing concrete to build out a accessible walking path at a local park in the Bronx last year and that was interesting.