Charlie Crist Boosts Obama in Florida?

(Short version: Florida’s Republican Governor who has been distancing himself from McCain, extends Florida’s early voting hours from 8 to 12 hours a day)

This really can’t be seen as anything but helping Obama’s chances in the state.

They’re setting up Jeb Bush to run in 2012.

Yeah, somehow I doubt we’ll ever see another member of the Bush family on a national ticket.

Maybe the guy just supports enfranchising the voters as much as possible?

Everything I’ve read about him makes him out to be a fairly non-partisan, practical, principled guy.

I’d heard some talk of him as a potential running mate for McCain. Maybe he’s miffed? I doubt it.

Trying to make sure his state doesn’t look like an unorganized backwater is probably more important, at this point, than whatever his doomed candidate and party want.

The early voting lines are running about two bloody hours.This for people who are trying to save time by avoiding Nov. 4th…

After reading as many articles about this as I can find, I have to think that Crist did this because of his principles, and good for him. The history surrounding the law that was so severely limiting early voting was pretty nasty and partisan, and he genuinely seems to be more interested in hold free and fair elections than boosting his party or getting revenge for not being named Veep. I mean, look at the way McCain’s campaign has gone. At this point you gotta be thinking he’d be blessing McCain’s name for not dragging him down with him if he was holding on to that.

So good on Crist, Florida needs more people willing to put the ability of the people to express their will before their party.

Christ was really enthusiastic about McCain a week ago or so.

Even Gov. Charlie Crist, who helped deliver Florida for McCain during the primary, said he will be spending more time minding the state’s weak economy than campaigning for the Arizona senator in the final weeks before Election Day.

‘‘When I have time to help, I’ll try to do that,’’ Crist said last week, after he flew around the state with McCain running mate Sarah Palin. Saturday, he skipped a McCain football rally and instead went to Disney World.

What the hell kind of talk is that? You know who else supported enfranchising the voters as much as possible?



John Rhys-Davies?


Grant? Barry Corbin?

Jerry Garcia!


Grizzly Adams?

I miss Jerry :(

Crist seems to be a decent guy so far. He hasn’t been in office long enough to find out if he’s into hookers and blow yet.

And his new wife is kinda hot in a Milfy sort of way.


Ironically, there have been persistent rumors over the years that Crist is gay, and that this was a big reason why he wasn’t in the running to be McCain’s veep.