Charterstone makes its distinctive mark on legacy boardgaming

A Day Two patch squashed the most serious. My two complaints are that it’s tough to track what the AI is doing, and the interface is a little too cluttered to get an easy overview of the map. It needs a hotkey to hide the interface.

Apparently the Android release is waiting on approval process.

I went ahead and bought it on iOS (it’s cross platform). I figure I’ll learn the game offline and hopefully it will be patched up by the time the QT3 game starts.

It’s cross play but not cross buy.

No, is anything?

Star Realms expansions are permanently unlocked for your account, regardless of which platform you made the payment through. Definitely not the norm though.

I missed this invite but am open to all games if they move a few times a day minimum =) Lemme know if you start another.


Join the slack channel them guys and specifically the charterstone channel. I’m sure @JoshL can run another game coterminously.

Registering interest in joining a game too. I have played the cardboard version to completion with a group of 5. Will ping @Dave_Perkins to ask for an invite to the slack channel.

Colour me curious though . . . how are you guys managing to play this virtually? My recall is that each play session involves many rounds and each round players take one action, which is typically something that takes about 15 seconds, setting aside analysis paralysis. This seems really poorly suited to async play. Are you playing sync or async?

We’re playing async, and yeah, the turns are really quick but there will be a lot of them, which isn’t ideal. We’re still on game 1 of the campaign.

I’m if you start a game.

I’ve been playing this with friends. It’s crazy buggy- lots of repeatable stuff, like when someone opens a crate, it won’t move on to people’s turns unless everyone logs out and back in, etc. We’re on game 6 or something. We aren’t playing asynch, we just arrange a game one or two nights a week - the last few we made it through two games. I’m terrible at it- haven’t won a single one yet.

We sent you an invite to the slack channel. You may want to remove your email address from the forum.

I added the slack and removed my name. My account is all over the net so not too worried about being harvested. Thanks tho!

Just ran into my first gamebreaking bug on iPad. Game CTD’d, and now won’t resume the save, even after an update.

Can you advance it on an iPhone, Android or steam copy?

Maybe, but I’m not buying one to find out.

If you have it on iPad you have it on iPhone.

Apart from not owning an iPhone, sure.