Cheap AMD motherboard with RAID?

I’ve been going over the various sites looking at cheap MBs for my Athlon XP 2200. I’ve been at least considering attempting to solve my problems by partially rebuilding my system.

I really don’t want to get anything too fancy. The Athlon is a 266 FSB CPU if I remember and I’ve only got PC2100 DDR. I really would love to get RAID working though.

At this point I’m not even sure which companies are considered to produce reliable and stable MBs.

How about this one:

or this

Any other suggestions?

The first one you list isn’t Nforce2, it’s a VIA KT333 chipset – you might consider avoiding it.

I believe DFI makes a low-cost NF2 board with RAID that’s listed on Newegg.

Actually I changed my mind halfway through my post.


I wouldn’t mind forgoing nForce2 in favor of RAID.

I’ll check out the DFI board too!

Thanks Lloyd.

You can also try to track one of these down:

Abit NV7-133R

I’m using one, and very happy with it.