Cheap and good mechanical keyboard:

Toss your overpriced Logitech, Corsair and Razer keyboards. I am loving this one I picked up for a song at $45 CAD:

The typing feels really good, keycaps are durable PBT and easily replaceable. Also 3 device BT keyboard as well as wired.

Dumb brand name though.

Clicking on that link took me on a 15 minute adventure trying to change my Amazon country back to US from Canada.

FYI, in the US that keyboard sells for 50 bucks, and I had a coupon I could apply to take $15 off the price of it.

There’s Redragon, which is competing in the same league. I’ve had good experiences with one of their mouse. I don’t know about their mechanical keyboards, but they’re the same price as that one in the OP.

US Link

Some rando in-house knockoff Switches, and the proliferation of crazy spelling errors makes me feel a little twitchy, but on the other hand, demi-doubleshots for $50 is always aight.

$35 is a great price for a mechanical keyboard, particularly one that also supports BT. If you need a keyboard, you could do much worse.

I am tempted to get this. I am also tempted to get a Keychron K8 since I love my K1 a lot. I do need a better keyboard for the work setup though.

Keychron is double the price, but we aren’t talking about a lot of money here either way. Go with your gut.

After 1 minute, the keyboard enters the state of love. Nice feature. :)


That’s what, New Hampshire?


You can just go to or, it’s what I do to order from either.

Reminder: if you get alarmed like i did at what seems to be a defective LED, this apparently is just the charging indicator.

Actually, when I went to the link you provided it said I could not order it because it was not available in my country from the link so that’s not quite right.

It uses Outemu switches, as do a number of budget keyboards (including Redragon). And yeah, they’re basically Cherry knockoffs.

Thanks. There are even knockoffs of those fancy Razer optical switches in keyboards for half as much as Razer’s. Some of the software is pretty fugly though. Not like Razer or Logi’s stuff is any better but the cheaper brands are just as earnest but maybe with more Engrish typos.

I picked up a Razer with the tactile/quiet switches on sale for $80. I figured the premium was worth it, but may be wrong.

Looks like it went back up to 69.99 CAD.

The 70% ones are on sale now for $40.99 CAD:

Hells to the no. Function key row is not optional, son.