Cheap portable MP3 players (iPods NNA)

I’m planning on picking up a portable MP3 player. I don’t need anything fancy–I mostly want it so I can have music in my motorcycle helmet for long trips. Biggest priorities are memory and a price point under $150. I have a 128MB SD card already for my Dell Axim, so something that could take advantage of that would be awesome. (I know I can use the Axim itself as an MP3 player, and I do that on the train, but I’m worried about somehow dropping it halfway to Vegas if I try to use it on the bike. Plus, it only has 196MB that has to be shared bewteen everything.)

My tentative front-runner is the iRock 530, which has 128MB (expandable to 256 with my SD card) and is only $130. Anyone have this player? Anyone have suggestions for something I should get instead? Reviews say the 530 is lame because it uses USB 1.0 and has a cheap feel and no backlight, but those don’t seem that important to me. Am I nuts?

Thanks for any opinions.

So you’re a motorcycle riding lawyer? Do you ride from little town to little town representing the represent-less from evil land developers wanting to take the family farm away from the young and nubile widow? Sounds like a TV series.

But anyway, I wouldn’t really care about the player’s USB connection myself, because most of the ones with removable media dont’t care how you get the MP3s on it. Put the SD itself into a USB 2.0 writer and copy that way, leave the player taped to your helmet or something.

Rywill, you might want to wait until the Dell DJ’s price is announced… it is basically an ipod from Dell, reportedly at Axim-level prices. It won’t be under 150 bucks, most likely, but it would have to be released somehwere between 200-300 for it to significantly undercut Apple prices.

What does NNA stand for?

Need not apply, I’d imagine.

Yeah, it stands for “need not apply.”