Cheapest cell phone plan

So my wife and I each have a cell phone, but probably use about 45 minutes a month, combined. Our current plan is Cingular, at $70 a month for the two phones (two phone numbers). We each want them, and want our own numbers (to be able to call each other), but $70/month seems high for something we use so little.

What’s the cheapest (U.S.) plan out there for rare-use cellphones?

I know you can get a family plan for like 50 with cingular even. Is that what you have now or 2 seperate plans?

My wife and I use a T-Mobile plan that’s 49.99 a month for two phones and 500 minutes.

The cheapest plans for those who don’t use their phones much tend to be the “pay as you go” plans – you can get something like 1000 minutes a year for $100 from T-Mobile via their T-Mobile-to-Go plan.

The plans cost quite a bit more per minute, though, so they aren’t cheaper if you talk a lot. Also, it limits your selection of phones and plan features.

Everytime I’ve looked at the pay-as-you-go plans, it seems they still run $30/month. You have to activate a minimum of $30 worth of minutes, and the minutes expire in 30 days. Does T-Mobile really let you keep your cell phone turned on for only $100/year?

I use T-Mobile for my sidekick, which is the same plan plus $10 for unlimited internet and AIM.

Before that I used Virgin Mobile, which was cheaper.

I use TracFone, which is a pay-as-you-go plan. I signed up for the plan that charges you $7.99/month in order to keep your minutes from expiring. You can find the cards to add minutes all over the place (Walmart, Office Depot, Meijer, etc).

If you buy the $100 card (or, alternatively, just use your credit card to add $100), the minutes are good for a year. If you buy in smaller increments you get penalized, so don’t.