Cheapest region-free Bluray player?

What is the cheapest region-free bluray player? I assume there’s region-encoding for bluray.

We have an XBOX-360 in our apartment, and a PS2, which had served all of our video-watching needs until Advent Children Complete happened. Since we’re all fanatic haters of region-encoding, I thought I’d ask Qt3.

Where are you? Most Blu Ray discs are not region encoded, actually. And the US and Japan are in the same Blu-Ray region.

I didn’t realize that. My assumption was incorrect, what a shocker.

So any Blu-Ray can play discs from any region? Or is it just that most of the discs that are released are not region encoded, and the ones which are don’t have region-free (legal) players for them?

While there is a good bit of good information in the wikipedia article, it did not answer the entire question, nor did its source.

I don’t know of any region free Blu-ray player.

Thank you.

Am I right in thinking that with a 26" 720p tv, there’s no real difference between Bluray and DVD?

I found more of a difference going from 480 to 720 then I did going from 720 to 1080. I would say you are wrong but then again personal opinions may differ.

I have a 57" 1080p LG TV, and I honestly don’t see a big difference between the upscaled DVDs and the Blu-Ray. There is a little difference, but not a ton. Blu-Ray so far is kind of a disappointment, IMO.

I have HD digital cable, and the picture is at least as good on it. The sound from the Blu Ray is way better than the cable sound but not noticeably better than the sound from a DVD. Both are connected with HDMI. Both are outputting to the TV at 1080p.

The other bonus? I can’t play Blu Ray discs on any of my other 3 DVD players in the house. Blu Ray FTL, so far.

When was the last time you had your eyes checked?

What’s the cheapest blu-ray set-top box?

I regret to inform you that you are legally blind.

Look at a movie with lots of black and greys and you’ll notice the big difference. Since DVDs only hold about 4GB of information that means movies are highly compressed (even more so if there are extras on the same disc) compared to the Blu-ray version. This means blacks and greys will have very noticable banding and compression artifacts in the DVD version.

Also, with a 57" HDTV you should be sitting at an optimal viewing distance. I have a 52" LCD HDTV and the optimal viewing distance is around eight to twelve feet from the screen.

That’s already too far away. Those “optimal” viewing distances are bunk, you should get as close to filling your field of vision as possible, just like in a cinema theatre, without getting uncomfortable. That means you may need to move away far enough to hide display artifacts, or to see some surrounding wall that gives your eyes some real-world context, but no farther than that. If your TV is just a small rectangle at the other end of the room… that’s too far.

Depends on the transfer and the source material as well.

With Wall-E, I can not tell any difference between the bluray and the upscaled DVD. With the Darkknight the difference is freakin huge.

Blu Ray on my 52 inch Sharp 1080p LCD is significantly better than upscaled DVD. I have not watched any animated films in that format, but I don’t know how you could miss the difference with live action films.

I think CG films produce the most amazing eye popping results on Blu-ray due to the vibrant colors and lack of film grain.

According to reports Wal-mart has a Magnavox NB530MGX $98 (USD) in store only. It’s $150 online.

What’s the cheapest Blu-ray player which doesn’t suck?

Geez making me work today. Allright Here’s the Panasonic DMP-BD60 for $195:

Or a cheaper model that has decent reviews Sylvania player for $163: