Check out the new Shuttle X SS51G PC's

Here is a review of the newer shuttle PC with AGP slot…

Here is there website…

Thsi is one good deal. For less than $350, you get the mobo ( 4X usb ports, lan, 2X and 4X agp slot, on board audio) and a sweet aluminum case. And the shuttle performs very well and cools itself well enough that heat isn’t an issue. And it is quiet.

And I love the size of these PC’s!!


They will be distributing one with the nforce 2 board’s very shortly.

Is this a good deal or what?


Check out some of the Shuttle’s cool colors:

I might have to get that black one


Just so I get this straight, these are boxes w/o CPUs, but have RAM, etc. and basically have everything else except mouse/keyboard and a monitor?

— Alan

These are barebone boxes. Which means that they have the motherboard, power supply, heat sink… You need to supply the processor, optical drive, memory and hard drive.


Your still getting an awesome deal. The motherboard alone has on 6 USB 2.0 slots, Fire Wire, 6 channel audio, Realtek LAN, 1 AGP and 1 PCI slot and will accept up to 2GB ddr sdram.

So the mobo has a ton of features. Hook up a cdrw, P4 chip, 512 mb 2700 or 3200 ddr, 100 gig hd and your in business.


If you hate P4 or you think it’s too expensive wait till Shuttle introduces the nForce 2 systems.

Just make sure you get the systems with the AGP slot.


I blurred over on the 30 page review - did it give hard numbers for sound? I want quiet and small.


Anandtech tested the noise of the Shuttle SS51 XPC:

Notice the Noise Compression test…

This system is much quiter than a mid tower.


Wow… Who knew that Qt3 had a bunch of small form factor fans…

The best place I’ve found for info on the small form factor PCs are the forums on SFF PCs. The guy who actually is in charge of marketing for Shuttle’s SFF PCs hangs out there all the time, so there’s lots of great information. They’ve got a fair amount of info re: sound, Chet, and the initial response is that it’s pretty quiet out of the box and can be made more quiet with some simple fan replacements.

The two main options for gamers that are/will be available in the next month are the Shuttle SS51 (reviewed on firingsquad and elsewhere, including and the AMS gBOX, which has been around for a little longer. However, the one I’m waiting for is the Shuttle SN40, which a previous posted alluded to; it’s an nForce2 based system, with virtually all the bells and whistles and an AGP and PCI slot (with SFF boxes, having an AGP slot is a big deal).

I’m dying to get one of these when they come out. It’ll be my combination LAN Party and (second) DVR machine!

Yea… The Nforce 2 machine will kick some major ass. When should production start on the Nforce 2 machines?

Also… How are the gBOX machines? I’ve heard about them, but don’t know too much about them.

thxs for info.

I’ve only messed around with them – I don’t actually own a gBOX – but they’re supposed to be pretty solid! I don’t think there are too many significant differences between the SS51 and gBOX – they’re both P4 systems – but the SS51 does seem to have a more “future-proofed” chipset. That said, by the time I’m ready for the next upgrade, there will be a new box available, and damnit, I’ll buy that box!

There are a whole mess of reviews of the gBOX out on the net, most of them complimentary. The biggest distinction for me is that the gBOX has a “big-ass handle” [TM] which makes it great for LAN parties and a real best for my multimedia system.

Product specs for the gBOX P4 and links to reviews available from the product website.


I’ve got an AMS gTower, their mid tower aluminum case, and it’s pretty damn nice. I’m not sure how the gBox will turn out, but they make nice cases.