Check out these Icewind Dale Mods!

Project Auril and Winter’s Bane work together to bring you lots of new spells, some new items, new NPCs that are placed to help the player in an intelligent manner. Like a spell seller in the first town. NOVEL IDEA! Arrows are also sold in larger bundles most places. No more clogging up yer inventory.

What really has impressed me so far are the beefed up monsters. Better experience, but man, i’ve played through IWD three times, and nothing surprised me more than finding a Burning Dead Archer shooting arrows that cast FIREBALL on impact. OUCH!

Lots of new challenges, spells, monster types, items and a good cleric character that starts with fair equipment and spells from the start. Awesome! Project Auril’s DL link is actually on the forum that page links to. Forget where tho. Winter’s Bane is easy to locate and grab tho. Well worth the download.

I have never bothered with these mods, basically because in a game as loot, monster and magic rich as the Infinity Engine games, how big of a draw is some more monsters and some new spells, anyway? The BG2 mods have new characters and romances, but hell, I haven’t even played through with all of the original characters and romances. The idea of sitting down to replay a 100 hour game is intimidating as well.

I have to reinstall IWD2 on my system though. I got really frustrated with it during Chapter 1, when I couldn’t shut down all of the drums that magically spawned in thousands upon thousands of goblins. But with all the recent discussions, I’m jonesing for some IE action.

I was able to sneak a thief in to take them out first, or else I could inch up and hit them with arrows and such. Sometimes, I just killed the guy who goes over and activates them. Whatever works.

Entangle is also good if you can get in cast in the shaman’s general area fast enough. He’ll be a sitting duck for arrows.


IWD2 was a good game, but it would have been twice as good minus the stupid puzzly shit like those drums. There were a variety of locales that I just found tedious as all hell.


Actually I loved those drums, other puzzles were much worse, like that forest maze. In the end, though, the game was simply too long. Another huge batch of sidequests in the final dungeon? Give me a break!

How can a game be too long? I’m always concerned with games being too short. Of course, I admit that finishing BG2 with the expansion can test one’s patience when you do the Qt3 thing two nights in a row without getting anywhere. Does IWD2 come close to BG2 in length?

According to J.E. Sawyer, IWD2 by itself is something like 25% longer than the original IWD plus the expansion plus Trials of the Luremaster. I’d say that’s at least equal to BG2, but probably greater in length, maybe even much greater.[/img]

I think it is slightly shorter then BG2 IF you did all the alternate quests in Chapter 2. I have been playing on and off since October and loving it. I am approaching the last battle with chagrin right now