Cheney in Time Out

The blurb is from the Washington Post’s White House Watch

The creepiest/saddest Cheney picture I have ever seen - is from the NYT.

Cheney in the Bushes

What was Cheney doing yesterday in the Rose Garden, standing all alone and behind the bushes?
The New York Times has a photo; Crooks and Liars has a video clip.

Taking a leak?

He’s there as a prompter in the event ol GW looses his place in the script.

No, he keeps him entertained with hand puppets.

Hunting for quail?

Whose face did he blow off immediately after that picture was taken?

Spell Name: Mind Control
Range: Line of Sight
Saving Throw: Will


direct link to the video, which makes it look even weirder, if you can believe it.

What in the Wild Wild World of Sports is going on there?

The photograpgher?

He’s throwing his voice.

He’s making sure his puppet doesn’t get his lines wrong.

This was the first thing that came to mind:

Everyone already knows that Bush Jr. and Sr. are both just pawns of the New World Order. Cheney is one of the last remaining members of the Rothschild family and is watching over the whitehouse to make sure that even with the US government colapsing the Bush mouthpieces are sticking to the script.

Cheney spelled backwards is YEN E CH. This is code for the drive to make the YEN the Euro and the CHinese Yuan the dominant currencies and to replace the US dollar as the dominant unit of exchange worlwide.

Well done, yuri, well done.

Also, that picture is really fucking creepy. And the video doesn’t help either. He’s just standing there, and his lips are moving slightly, but nobody’s around. I don’t want to know.

He’s not nearly so close as that picture would have you believe. In the video he’s way out there… Very strange indeed. What the hell is going on here?

My theory is that he’s remotely controlling Bush using only the power of HIS MIND!

I lol’ed.

He is furiously jacking off, doing his best to savor these last few months of his little presidential puppet’s puppet show. But the thrill is gone, somehow, and his spunk is cold before it hits the… bush.



(sorry, no photoshop at hand)