Cheney injured; will attend inauguration in wheelchair

So is this part of his plan? Is there a device in his wheelchair? Will he be spared a giant, decapitating blade of death since his head will be lower than everyone else’s?

He’s totally going for the Professor Xavier look to earn sympathy and respect at this late date.

Or maybe it’s more of a Blofeld thing…

When I read the thread title, I just assumed he had shot himself in the leg.

What they don’t tell you, is that in this case “Boxes” mean his safes.

VPs move their own boxes? More likely that the steady supply of blood of young virgins was cut off by Obama moving in.

He’s still alive? Damn.

His power is fading, and soon, he will be but a memory.

He’s alive.
And he has a plan.

This is awesome. It represents how Change and Hope have crippled and paralysed evil

You put the best images in my mind. :)

What he said.

Clearly they decided it was time to power down the Cheney unit.

Clearly they decided it was time to power down the Cheney unit.

That’s what I was thinking too. It’s Obama day, so they took Cheney off the life support apparatus. Now he’s degrading at a rapid pace.

I never want to hear about those assholes Bush/Cheney again. Life’s too short.

The bums will always lose.

I talked to my dad during a lull in the coverage, and he said he wished someone would push Cheney down a flight of stairs while in the wheelchair.

Damn, this guy just cannot take a picture in which he doesn’t appear diabolical…

Bwahahahahha! I’ll get you one of these days Obama!

The photo of Cheney immediately made me think of an older version of that happy fellow from Raiders of the Lost Ark.