Cheney to Leahy: "Fuck yourself."

Apparently the Veep didn’t like our Senator’s accusations about the impropriety of Halliburton contracts.

“Fuck yourself,” said the man who is a heartbeat from the presidency.

Posted yesterday.

I like clarity in my politicians. :lol:

Cheney skirts the question when asked about the specific remark with a “probably”:

And then says “I said it” about 4 seconds later when asked whether he regrets it.

How scandalous.

Really? And you like Bush because…?

whatever. i’m saving my f u to cheney and bush for november 2.


would that be a congradulatory F U on Nov 2nd? :lol:

Choke up your half million dollar fine Mr. Cheney. Oh wait that’s only if your a liberal with a dirty mouth.