Cheney to resign shortly?

Not sure where I heard it, but word around the campfire is that he’ll be resigning soon, probably in relation to his health.

Interesting, but what exactly does he do that is putting his health at risk? Could this be an excuse for the rat to leave a sinking ship?

Curious minds want to know!

Insert joke about relationship between low supply of vestal virgin blood and Cheney’s health.

What campfires are you sitting around?

Probably this one.

Fark link earlier today. All rumors though, nothing to get all happy about or anything.

They said the same thing about Rhenquist a few months ago, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Here’s something an atheist like me can pray for! :lol:

Man something doesn’t feel right about this. Cheney isn’t exactly a professional bear wrestler, so I don’t see his job taking a serious toll on his health… matter of fact, almost all of what he does isn’t even his job as VP, so if that was the reason, couldn’t he just… cut back on the extras and become one of those layabout VP’s that show up now and again? Plus, his health has always been horrible. It was horrible in 2000. I don’t buy it.

This, coupled with the recent assertion that he may have been involved in the Plame thing, really looks to me like he’s considering jumping ship before everything blows up in his face (if true, of course).

If Cheney takes a health-reasons retirement it will Bush look better if he has to issue him a presidential pardon. Sort of puts a “aww shucks, leave the poor sick fella alone” spin on the pardon.

That’s just speculation, I don’t believe at this point that any of the scandals are bad enough for Bush to be writing out rough drafts of a pardon for his VP.

Of course this would also position a younger, healthier, less-scandal-ridden VP for a run at the White House in 2008, were it to happen.

The Rumor Mill™ says Condi, but the best comment I read was along the lines of “Pay attention if McCain starts showing up for private meetings at the WH”.

Otherwise I think this is just part of the swirl of anticipation as they prepare for justice to rear its ugly head.

McCain would never join the Bush White House. He’s still bitter over the 2000 election.

I can only hope for McCain. I’ll never vote for the Republican party, but McCain would be better than any other candidate I could hope for.

The same McCain of McCain-Feingold?

No thank you.

Who is shortly, and what did he do to be forced to resign? I know what Scooter, Hugbug and Tootie did, but I though Shortly and Mushmouth were clean as a whistle. Bye Phil.