Chernobyl : Life in the Dead Zone

Has anyone else caught this documentry on Animal Planet?

If not I can highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys wildlife documentaries or anything post apocalyptic. It’s basically a documentary of the animal life that has returned to the area now that man is out of the frame. It mainly follows a rather unlucky house cat and her kittens as they try to survive in the environment but also keeps track of a wolf and two brown bears.

What makes it great is the environment. They go into abandonned schools and railway stations which is rather creepy.

They could have made it a little lnger, I’d love to have found out more about the effects of the radiation on the animals but they seem to gloss over that a bit. They could also have mentioned more about the aquatic worms that have become bisexual as opposed to asexual and other mutations found in the wild.

As the documentary is about cats they pull a few punches and the ending was presented as being far more optimistic than I feel it really was. I really don’t think the mother cat did very well after leaving the exclusion zone but I’ll give the writers the benefit of the doubt.