From the creators of NecroVision:

From the pre-alpha footage below, it looks to be on the survival side of the genre. It has exploration, scary moments, stealth, crafting, dialogue choices, and what appears to be a light strategy layer to send allies out to certain areas, presumably for resources. The only gun I saw in the footage was a pistol, so there probably won’t be a lot of shooting.

It looks promising. There’s a Kickstarter up now.

Pre-alpha. I hope they sell jpegs of it.

Was the universe pre-alpha before the Big Bang?

Sure, but that lasted no time at all.

You know, if there was a STALKER-themed Star Citizen-like project I might not have the fortitude or willpower to resist buying some jpegs.

I mean, it’s another STALKER game, but with less shooting and more crafting.

Are there member of the same team or something?

I was all into it, until they showed the Fallout 4 style building system. Blech.

I still think it looks good. :)

This goes live / hits Early Access in a few days, this write up of the invite only demo they put out a while back talk about a few of the systems in game.

10-14 months of early access… :(

We need you to jump in for us and report back in 14 months.


I will buy it closer to 1.0

Chernobylite sounds like something your make kitchen surfaces out of. “Scratch and stain resistant Chernobylite!”

Or a food additive.

From the looks of the trailers, I would rate it 3.6 Roentgen…not great, but not terrible.

Are you using the good dosimeter ?

Still watching the development of this, they recently put out a new roadmap, looks to be feature complete by early 2021.

2 more mega patches and this is getting a 1.0 slapped on it!

Mega Patch 8 , I’ve missed posting a few patches. Anyway version 1.0 releases in July.

Buy before 1.0 and get all future DLC free.

Is it good? I’ve been on the fence several times. Now maybe is a good moment to buy and put it with the rest of my collection of (unplayed) games. Any opinions?