Chess 2: The Sequel would like to be The Expendables of chess

Title Chess 2: The Sequel would like to be The Expendables of chess
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When November 4, 2013

At high levels of skill, chess takes over an hour to play, requires memorization of solved openings and end-games, and ends in a draw about 60% of the time..

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Attempts to create a new version of chess has been tried since they've settled on the rules of the original. I don't see why "Chess 2" will succeed where former World Champions like Capablanca and Fischer have failed. The creators suggest they're the first to be "critical" about the process which doesn't even pass the smell test- Anyone who creates a new variation always say they're trying to remove opening memorization and discourage draws.

At the top level, chess does have the annoying tendency to be drawish with grandmasters memorizing unbelievable amounts of opening positions. However, on the level where most of us will play, the game is still quite enjoyable and exciting. I have a hard time imagining Chess 2 could replace the original at the grandmaster level without first replacing it at the local level and that's simply not going to happen since the same problems aren't there. And if it tries to attract outsiders, I dunno, it seems like they would try the original out before the sequel.

I'm not suggesting Chess 2 is bad or anything. Who knows, maybe it really is an improvement. I'm saying there's no market for it.