Chick, where are your GOTY picks?

Load times were slight in the Gamecube version. And you only use Harman what, twice? Come on. COME ON.

I think Jazar’s talking about Iwazaru. But if you don’t dig the writing for characters like him and Travis and you’re just pressing the button to get through it, Killer 7 might not be for you.

Anyway, my actual list is posted now. But to answer John Reynolds and Pegasus McSandwich’s earlier question, the surprising thing about Call of Duty 2 was how well it worked considering it was so formulaic. My surprise was at what an effective forumla that still is!


Now they just need the patch that makes so that there are more than two people playing multiplayer…

Yeah, I got that patch. It’s called Shoot Club on Thursday nights! :)

It is sad that some great RTSs end up languishing for lack of an online community. I can’t imagine it’s easy to get an online game of Dragonshard, Act of War, Kohan 2, or Armies of Exigo, and they’re all superlative RTSs.


Call of Duty 2, surprisingly, was also my most surprising. I can’t really put it any better than Tom did right here: “That’s what guys like Infinity Ward do; they take the ‘jaded’ out of a jaded gamer”. I’ve been having such a horrible time getting into FPS games lately, but this one really just worked for me. I honestly was not that excited about the game, even after the demo. Multiplayer just looked boring, mainly. I didn’t want to go back to pre-United Offensive multiplayer. But, I ended up picking it up and playing through the campaign. Wow, I don’t know what was so interesting about it, but everything just seemed to click. I was immersed completely, and very focused while I was playing. It’s hard to explain what exactly clicked with Call of Duty 2 - but something just worked right, even for a game that on paper should have been “just another WWII FPS”.

I’m pretty surprised by the choice of Timesplitters 4 Tom. A great game to be sure but #2?

BTW, everytime I see Mercenaries on a list of this years game’s I do a double take. Seems a lot older than that shrugs

I gotta agree on Call of Duty 2 as well. And for me, I almost gave up on it. The russian campaign was annoying. A game of whack a mole in the snow with a comrade continually letting me know he was out of ammo. But the british and american sections really shined and hooked me.


A new highpoint for realism in video games!

Ya. Timesplitters? Seemed like an average shooter to me, especially as compared to the PC offerings

especially as compared to the PC offerings

I played the Gamecube version, and yes while the loadtimes individually lasted only a few seconds, it was the fact that there was loading for every single room. That really broke up the action and frustrated me.

And yes I’m talking about Mr. Iwazaru. Mr. “This is harsh, really, This is very very harsh…we are in A tight spot, A very tight spot.” I don’t mind a little wierd, but this guy pops up in every other room to say pretty much nothing wrapped around his usual long winded intro (mentioned above) and outro (In the name of Harman). It felt like I was being punished.

Killer 7 has some great elements. The main characters were excellent in their style and gameplay characteristics. The cutscenes between each mission were very well done. Great voice acting too. It’s just that those flaws mentioned above were real deal breakers for me unfortunately. Too many interruptions to the story and gameplay.

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I am amazed at how similar Civ IV is to the other incarnations, how strong the sameness vibe is, and how much I have played the hell out of it.

5 opponents on a regular continents map and you get a nice 3 hour fix in a nice, tidy package. Rather than forcing myself to try every map and play marathon games against untold numbers of other civs and burning myself out, I just play what is comfortable and enjoyable. Who-da thunk it?

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