Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget - Netflix, clay, nuggets

I enjoyed the first one; I’m not sure I care enough about a second one to seek it out.

Well, you don’t really have to seek it out. Anyway, Aardman rarely put a foot wrong. Though of course the Netflix curse could change that.

The first one came out so long ago this feels like a visitor from another world. Didn’t the original have Mel Gibson, back when he wasn’t really trying anymore, but also before all the awful behavior became well known? I remember liking the movie, and being especially surprised and delighted by the final twist, but I hadn’t clamored for a sequel.

I guess if Gladiator (2000) is getting an upcoming sequel, so can Chicken Run.

Looks like the original movie is currently showing on Peacock in the US, so I’ll try to show it to my son and refresh my memory. I remember watching it in the theater and enjoying myself. It was a Great Escape type movie.

Yeah, it was a charming enough parody of one my favorite movies, but I’m not sure what ground is left to cover there? I suppose the same could be said about the Oceans movies.

The original is an animation classic as far as I’m concerned. Chock full of cinematic references, blatant and subtle.

Looks like instead of Great Escape and Stalag 17 this one might be going Mission: Impossible? I think you could argue that gives it some new relevance for 2023. Looks like Zachary Levi is playing the Mel Gibson role.

I had to check and see if Peter Lord is still involved, and he is an EP, so I’ll go into this with optimism.

That’s fair, and I’m certainly not knocking the original. I’m just confused about what a sequel has to offer.

More Aardman?

Satire never dies. The original was a movie of its time.

Presumably, they’re going for the same here. There’s more than enough to take shots at - Disney, the MCU, MI, etc.

Yeah, but I don’t want to see Chicken Run turn into the Shrek sequels. A mere pop culture riffing machine is beneath its legacy. The original works more the way Galaxy Quest does, where it becomes the thing it only pretends to parody, including its own stakes. Or at least that’s what my cage-free, grain-fed memories would have me believe.

I’m not sure 1 sequel after 23 years is comparable to the ShrekCU. And besides, they did fine making plenty of Wallace & Gromit films. I don’t see what the fear is here.

I mean specifically the part where it devolves from riffing off a classic tale in its own way to mere pop culture parody.

Chicken Run was so long ago, that when I saw the thread title, I assumed this was some Netflix documentary about the history of the chicken nugget.