Child of Eden

The new game from Tetsuya Mizuguchi creator of Rez and Lumines. Looks to be a bit of a sequel to Rez and looks awesome. For Kinect and possibly also Move.


and more importantly gameplay

I hope it is for Move, because I don’t want to play this game on Kinect unless I have to. Looks great, though.

They better bring it to the Move. I’ve no interest in the Kinect, and the Move looks like it’ll have more ‘real game’ applications.

I’ve also heard you can use a regular controller, too. And that it plays better that way than with Kinect.

Correct, it does not require Kinect, it simply supports it.

I hope it’s an XBLA release, not retail. I would play Rez HD a lot less if I had to go find the disc every time.

Bumping this thread since the game comes out today. Has anyone tried it yet ? I’m still undecided about getting a Kinect just for this game. My initial thought is that the vibration feedback in Rez was an essential part of the experience, and this Kinect hand-waving business is unlikely to make up for it.

What if, just as the vibration feedback in Rez was essential, the Kinect feedback is an essential part of this?

I’m undecided too, though.

Its in my cart on Amazon but I’ve been waiting to hear impressions before I pick it up.

I’m totally buying it tonight. Won’t be able to play it until tomorrow night, but will report back. NOT MISSING THE KYNESTHESIA.

Mizuguchi himself has said the game plays best with an actual controller.

Anyhow, I cannot wait to play this tonight. This man has never disappointed.

We’ve got to wait until Friday here in UK. But after reading the EG review, I have to say I’m even more impatient:

They also feel that the game plays best with a controller. Though I’m sure Kinect will be a great match for the “Feel Eden” mode. Should be quite immersive and relaxing playing in that mode.


Got it, won’t get to play it until later though. Here’s a reason this game is cool though without even playing it, reversible insert.

You know, maybe the game wants you to just hold on to the controller(s) for the vibration effects, while flailing around doing the Kinect thing. 4 controllers == quadrophonic vibes?

Played one level and I was grinning throughout. The controls may be more accurate playing with a controller but I really can’t see playing it that way. There’s something right about playing it with Kinect, it’s practically a dance game. You can’t help but bounce along to the music when you are standing and the way you switch off between lock on and auto fire and the way you release the lock on fire, it’s all sort of empowering.

And oh yeah, check the options it defaults to Stereo for some crazy reason.

Last night I played through Matrix twice, died once in Evolution then went back and beat it, died in Passion and called it a night.

It’s really quite a lovely game. I went into the options and turned up the smoothing but left the speed at normal and that seems to work just fine for kinect control.

There’s a certain amount of camera control throughout the game but it does a nice job of letting you know about threats. Pay attention to your cursor if it glows purple then you have incoming and need to switch to tracers. Once in tracer mode you get a HUD notification of where the bullets are off camera.

I’m still figuring out which is the optimal weapon for certain enemy types other than the obvious tracer = purple and octolock = shielded. I know you get more points for chaining lockons but the tracer is such a firehose it can easily sweep through swarms of smaller baddies.

I did control scheme A where you switch hands but the camera gets a little wonky as I drop one hand and raise the other. Maybe I need to be quicker on the draw. Probably won’t switch to control B where you clap to change weapons but continually use your right hand. That’s a little tiring.

Looks great!, …good use of kinect, It reminds me of a Isaac Asimov novel.

So I finally sat down and replayed the first level with a controller. Kinect is definitely the way to go. It’s still fun, and very Rez, but it just feels so much better with Kinect.

I’m going to have to side with Mizuguchi and say the controller is the way to go. Vastly more precise control, not that that will surprise anyone.

I “finished” the game tonight completing the first five areas. All with Kinect. Too tired to try the bonus stage. Excellent game, I’m getting faster on switching hands so the camera is a little steadier and increasing the smoothness helped out a bunch. Oh and I saw in Whitta’s twitter that the game defaults to stereo so go into the options and change it to 5.1 while your in there changing the speed and smoothness.