Child's Play 2019 - Friends to the end... Again

If you’ve been following the Child’s Play series, you’ll know that while the last couple of films were going to be reboots/fresh starts, they were actually sequels and kept the story from 1988 going. Even though the plots got more and more ridiculous and veered into a weird meta-spoof with Jennfier Tilly playing herself and a doll version of Chucky’s killer girlfriend at the same time, Brad Dourif remained Chucky’s voice, and the overall plotline was kept going. Don Mancini was the creative force behind the series throughout. He wrote all the movie scripts, and directed Seed, Curse, and Cult of Chucky. He even got Alex Vincent to reprise his role as Andy 30 years later in Cult of Chucky, and cast Fiona Dourif (Brad’s daughter) as the protagonist of the last two movies.

Supposedly, this is an actual, real reboot of the series. It’s directed by Lars Klevberg (Polaroid, The Wall) and stars Aubrey Plaza as Andy’s mother and Gabriel Bateman as Andy.

If someone asked me to imagine a modern reboot of Child’s Play, this is exactly what I would picture.

Chucky being all technologically advanced now should have permanent wifi access which he uses to gather information about his victims.

He dies at the end, but it is revealed in the post-credits stinger that he had uploaded his consciousness to the cloud.

Rated R or GTFO.


Not an April Fool’s prank, because this news actually came out over the weekend: Mark Hamill is voicing Chucky.

Was Brad Dourif too busy? Was he asking for too much money? Did he just finally decide, “Aww, screw it, I’m never going to get another Academy Award nomination…”


For some reason I thought this was linked to the annual charity and I was super confused…

Hmm. He’s not just a smart-doll. He’s like an Alexa or Google Home.

Saw this thanks to a BOGO ticket deal at the Alamo. I haven’t seen any of the previous movies in the franchise, so I’m no help on rating it in comparison, but honestly I was never interested in them and only the premise change and Aubrey Plaza got me thinking about the reboot. And you know? I liked it.

I think Chucky as damaged smart doll who’s trying to Be Your Buddi but learning the wrong lessons is both creepier and more emotionally impactful than him just being a serial killer straight up (at least to me, with the obvious caveat that I haven’t seen the original to compare). I liked Aubrey Plaza, of course, though her character certainly isn’t doing that well at making good parenting decisions. I liked Brian Tyree Henry as a friendly but joke-impaired homicide detective visiting his mom down the hall. I loved a sequence where Andy has to dispose of some evidence Chucky brought home for him. And then when Chucky goes full bore psycho…well, honestly I think the movie got less interesting, but it still earned that transition pretty well, I think.

My main complaint is their explanation for why Chucky is initially primed to be bad is pretty stupid. But oh well.