China tries to gag climbers who saw Tibet killings

Sheesh what a scary reality check.

Going further, you can’t use the actions of one atheist to criticise another without some other common factor, because atheism is simply a statement of belief and says nothing of morality or anything like that. Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao for examples, were all raging communists - so you use that (as an aside, communism has 9/10 defining elements in common with religion anyway, right down to a prophet). I guess atheists love to bring up how vile religious people have been throughout history because religious people love to pretend that not only are they not vile, they are in fact better than everybody else. Finally, it is fucking retarded - especially when you are a Christian - to try to make yourself look good by comparing yourself to the worst excesses of the people who are totally at odds with your ideology.

I think the biggest difference is that all of the “athiest” states weren’t organized around atheism as their defining feature. It was somewhere in the ideological grabbag, and they were also opposed to virtually every existing institution.

Contrast this to the Spanish Inquisition, or the Caliphate, or whatever, which were basically entire governments based on religion.

You guys realize that with just two posts, Grifman has now sucked this thread into the endless quagmire of ‘religion vs. atheism’, and you happily skipped along into it, right? Say goodbye to the actual topic at hand.

The Tibetan theocracy was horribly unjust and it mistreated and killed a lot of peasants.

It’s only an endless quagmire because religious people are so unreasonable.

Oh, contraire, communism was quite explicit about having an ulitimate truth.

Oh, pshaw, don’t be silly. There are plenty of unreasonable people on both sides. Religion has no monopoly on dogmatic fundamentalists.


Grifman is a Chinese agent, a viral poster trying to derail the thread, so we stop talking about how China is blatantly lying about state-authorized murder of dissidents by its troops, and start talking whether Atheism is a religion.

Well, I made one “drive by” comment, and the hounds couldn’t keep from howling and going into full foaming mode. We can now go back to bashing the Chinese govt :)

If you’re going to play the “What, innocent me?” game, maybe drive-by attacks on foaming dogs isn’t the best imagery to use.

J’accuse, Mr Chinese Agent Man!

Believe me. Grifman is not a Chinese Agent Man.

I am.


He’s right though, Theo. Look at console fanboys ^__^

Ni hao ma!