Chinese citizens want aircraft carriers

The military seems to be ambivalent. China has no interest in running the world and worries about how the international community would view it building one (the USA will probably use it to make China an even bigger boogeyman), but it would boost national pride. Much like in the Civilization games.

Do you get some sort of kickback for these threads?

Realistic representations that can remove the obfuscating anti-Chinese/Communist propaganda of the last 57 years that has influenced America’s perceptions is it’s own reward.

Well, someone inform the Chinese: Dirt says they’re O K people.

Prior to 9/11, the biggest international threat was the Chinese holding a few American soldiers.

Yeah because the US never raises a ruckus when anybody but the Chinese holds US soldiers.

How about the Taiwanese? Do they want moon rockets?

Don’t forget, when the Chinese carrier guards the Chinese invasion of Taiwan Dirt will be cheering them on.

You never point anything at the lady in the moon. Ever.

Hopefully, in another 20 years, all my relatives will have left Taiwan. Then the DPP can turn it into the Phillipines or China can nuke it for all I care.

It’s going to take more than random news articles to convince me the Chinese population seriously wants the country to build aircraft carriers for prestige. Sounds like astroturf PR bullshit for the navy to me.

Yeah. At the same time, I think it’s going to take more than building one aircraft carrier to have the world take your deep-water navy seriously.

I heard a piece on BBC recently saying that the Chinese have tripled their military spending over the last decade. The question isn’t so much why they’re building it now, but what they might want to do with it in, say, 20 years once it’s built.

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All of the serious analysis I’ve seen in that direction points to a general lack of ambition in replicating the sort of navy the US has. They seem much more interested and likely to succeed in developing inexpensive (relatively) countermeasures for our fleet and then just building fluff for prestige/sea lane security purposes. No one has predicted a Chinese deployment capability further than Taiwan anytime soon, and I don’t think they are too troubled by that.

Note to others: This is a response to a post I made and deleted about the hostages that China before 9/11.

His projected date may be wrong (I am quite certain many here will ridicule it). The bottom line is, China doesn’t NEED much deep sea power in order to get a lot of troops across the Taiwan strait in a hurry. He also has had various other articles that I don’t have the links handy for indicating lots of shipbuilding scheduled to complete in 2007 or early 2008.

I saw an article somewhere a few months back about how the Chinese military officer corps views the US. Bottom line: very positive. No reasons for conflict at all, aside from that trifling business of Taiwan, and they can’t imagine why the US would actually start a war over that.

A certain number of Americans might agree with them. I claim it would be political suicide for whoever is in office at the time to stand by and do nothing in the face of a Taiwan invasion.

There are a lot of people nervous about what might happen if Taiwan decided to publicly reiterate its independence on the opening day of the Olympic Games in Beijing.

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The question is why would they do that? The status quo seems to be working just fine for everyone.

Status quo is that PRC says that Taiwan is under its jurisdiction.

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There is a lot of evidence that China is at least considering building carriers, and it isn’t necessarily just about the US. Guess who has a significant carrier fleet? India. They have one in service, one being converted by the Russians, and are building one of their own, with plans to build more.

Among other things, the Chinese military bought an unfinished Soviet carrier, towed it to China, and did some work on it. It’s visible on Google Earth. They also recently bought four sets of arrestor cables from the Soviets and have also built carrier length airfields, presumably to practice on.

Doesn’t Britain have a couple of carriers?