Chinese Democracy Finished

Hahah, a guy at work today mentioned this today as we heard the single for the first time. I had never heard the Dr. Pepper offer before. The song was pretty boring.

Kudos to you for spelling it correctly, no punctuation in Dr

You think? I don’t like that song at all, and I don’t think it sounds very GnR either.

Yes, the chorus rocks.

Yeah, the song Chinese Democracy is so derivitave of all the metal crap that’s come out right now, and sounds nothing like GnR.

On the 8th anniversary of Chinese Democracy’s release, TeamRock have posted a deep dive into a single year of the troubled Gn’R record’s production that highlights the troubles which come with sky high expectations and accompany the pursuit of perfectionism. I think it might be of interest for fans of development hell projects.

[QUOTE]On October 12, 2001, a month after the September 11 attacks on America, and five days after the first coalition bombs dropped on Afghanistan, a group of musicians sat in front of a TV in a Los Angeles recording studio and watched the news.

“Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Pakistan, Indonesia and Iran today,” said the newscaster, “as the Islamic world continues to protest against the US-led bombardment of Afghanistan.”

The screen showed riot police firing tear gas, black smoke billowing out of burning cars, protestors hurling petrol bombs. “Thousands of Islamic militants fought with police in the Pakistani city of Karachi, setting fire to cars, buses and an outlet of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Let’s go over to our Foreign Affairs Correspondent…”

But one of the group was already on his feet. Buckethead wasn’t going to take it any more. “That’s fucking IT!” he was yelling, as the screen showed images of the Karachi KFC with flames licking out of its windows. “They’ve gone too far now! I’m joining the fucking army! They are not going to hit KFC, no fucking way! That’s it – I can’t record anymore. I’m joining the army – now we really are at war!”

And with that, he grabbed his KFC bucket hat, collected some things from his specially built chicken coop in the studio, and left. Some of the guys stayed on a while, but not a lot got done that day.

It was no biggie, really. After all, what’s one day when the album you are working on is already seven years in the making, two years past the deadline set by the record company, and millions of dollars over budget[/QUOTE]