Chinese Farmers get revenge on Final Fantasy Online?

Recently, a good friend of mine manages to goad my attention back into Final Fantasy Online for a bit. This in itself wouldn’t be no big deal I’m sure. But something I come to find out is fairly interesting.

(Disclaimer: This is really seems to be second hand knowledge. Square Enix appears to refuse to actually confirm anything about this to it’s playerbase. So please, if I am wrong, I am wrong. It’s just interesting.)

My return to Final Fantasy Online was about the time they put in a new patch. Which generally makes it a touch harder for 'GilFarmers' to be as effective. Two main changes from what I can tell. That being that=

(To those that are unfamiliar with FFXI jargon… What I mean by ‘Claim’ is about the same thing I’d mean by saying I ‘tapped’ something in World of Warcraft. Only difference is that when a creature is claimed, it can’t be attacked by anyone except the claimee, unless that person gives up his claim. You know, to save his rear-end should he be losing.)

1> If a rare creature, one that has the potential to drop something good, is ‘claimed’ and fighting someone for to long, they get progressively stronger until they can frankly end up slaughtering someone that would normally be too powerful for them.

2>These rare creatures can no longer be ‘claimed’ with distance abilities. Should a attempt to attack the creature at range will cause it to fail, and that person won’t be able to attack them again for a short time. This is nice, really. As it levels the playing field between melees and those with all the ranged abilities.

(Edit: I did some further reading on this. Point 2 is actually incorrect. Now there’s a time that a creature can’t be claimed just after it spawns. Any attack put on a creature just as it pops into existance will cause all your abilities to go on a short timer and deny you the claim for the target. It’s said that folk on the PlayStation 2 can see something at a distance before a PC player can. So this evens the playing field mainly in that respect. Though ranged attackers will still definately have a advantage.)

The story I'm hearing is that first off.. Point 1 is something that will really bother some of the 'GilFarmers' as some of them would usually 'claim' a rare crreature and hold it to set up it's spawn timer more on par with a schedule they have. I'm unsure on the exact mechanics of this. But if all rare spawns are on a strict timer, then you can probably figure it'd be best for these 'GilFarmers' to hold a creature for later and then schedule the world's rare spawns so they can run around and gain the mall.

Point 2 is more self explanatory. Mr. 'GilFarmer' chooses a class with the best and quickest ranged abilities and makes it impossible for Joe-Plays-Casually-As-A-Warrior to really beat GilFarmer to UberDropMob01. This would naturally anger the working GilFarmer as their gathering is made less effective. More changes I've heard of before my return to the game was replacing many dropped items from creatures have the flag along the lines of EQ and WoW's No-Drop or SoulBinding, whatnot. Definately a boon to me, that they seem to be directly attempting to discourage the Real-Life Money-Market for FFXI.

The point of what I'm getting to, is part of the rumour and second-hand info I'm hearing, was shortly after the patch, in the morning I wake up to toy around in game before concerning myself with my Real Life, was the inability to connect to the servers for a long time. Talking with my friend who's been playing the game longer then I have, it's the general consensus that this is a return attack, a Denial of Service attack, was by the GilFarmers for Square Enix's changes to the game to make farming for Gil and Items more difficult. I'm trying to scrounge up more info in the more premiere player run community forums of the game. Possibly more info forthcoming.

Anyone have any thoughts on this, proof that it could be true or if it could not.. Or is this assumption by many players in game just a bunch of hoo-hah?

Before anyone posts about how much FFXI sucks and she should quit, I think I should mention that I say that every time she’s playing it.

Also, a lot of my coworkers play MMOs. The ones that play FFXI seem to bitch about farmers the most.

They should have started with US servers.

Problem solved.

Well, it’s easy to point fingers, and the Chinese gil farmers are an obvious target. However, this is not the first time that such accusations have been made, and in any case, I doubt that the public-at-large has any information that could prove that gil farmers specifically are behind the attack.

I don’t bother trying to camp NMs… it’s just not worth the aggravation (which would be there, regardless, gil farmers or no.)

(WHM 66/SMN 33, Phoenix server)

Its a lot easier to get a NM with a ping of less then 100ms then the 300ms-400ms ish we are getting.