Chino Latino

C’mon, man. Dimsum. Roast duck. Char siu.

I love Sichuan too, but dan dan noodles, mala hotpot, and twice-cooked pork versus cantonese BBQ meats and dimsum, not even a contest.

There used to be a Cuban-Chinese restaurant on broadway in the ~1994 like where the Barnes and Nobles/Software etc was, it suckkkked.

Been to a few of those Cuban-Chinese places here in NYC, but seems like they’ve been disappearing.

As for Puerto Rican/Chinese, one time I was in the subway and saw an Asian family on the platform ahead. They looked Chinese. I walked closer and a bit past them when I did a double take after hearing them all speaking in perfect Puerto Rican Spanish (not the broken Spanglish or distinctively accented Spanish spoken by Nuyoricans (New York Puerto Ricans).

I just discovered this channel, Great Big Story . It’s great.

Awesome. Thanks for that.