Chocolate Soy Milk > Chocolate Regular Milk

Big difference between soy and fermented soy, you have to differentiate. Anyway, check out the frightening titles of these papers:

Coffee soy milk > chocolate soy milk.

Chocolate rice milk is also good.


(Five character minimum? WTF?)

Because vB sucks.

Back on topic, chocolate soy milk + grape nuts flakes = cereal fit for a king.

I love horchata! Now that is hard to find in NYC.

Chocolate soy milk really aint bad, i stopped buying it cuz it was just too sugary and delicious.

PS Have you ever had a white russian with Soymilk? Foulness i tells yah, foulness. I almost threw up, and it was my first drink of the night.

Silk is my fave, yeah, but 8th is also good.

I had Soy Milk in a latte once. Never again. That stuff is nasty!

Yeah, lattes are disgusting.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. It was the soy so-called-fucking-milk that made it unpalatable.

Anyone ever had a Tofu Milkshake? Thick as a regular milkshake, and you can make them as big as you want without the accompanying stomach ache.

You can also supposedly make a good alternate cheesecake using some tofu in place of the cream cheese. I’ve never looked into it much myself, but I’ve seen recipes in a couple of the cooking magazines I read.

If you have to extend your pinky while drinking… it’s not manly!

You have to use vegan cream cheese (which is pretty expensive), then they come out just like the real thing. Stay away from the tofu only ones, however. Tofu by itself does not become cream cheese.

I’d have to ask my girlfriend where we got the good vegan cheesecake recipe, if anyone’s interested.

Kikkoman Pearl Chocolate is a good one, but no form of chocolate soy juice (because that’s what it is…can’t have milk without a tit, folks) beats NesQuik or Hershey’s. The texture and consistency is simply not there.

When I want a shit flavored aftertaste that lasts a long, long time I drink soy milk. Or was that real milk?

Oh yeah, both. Beer and cornflakes FTW.


Carry on…