Choosing a doctor

So I’m doing the whole “shit, I need to start going to the doctor regularly” thing. Problem:

How the hell do you pick one?

Seriously, I’m staring at an 8 page list of FPs within 10 miles. Pick at random? The women with the hottest-sounding name? The most specialties?

Ask for recommendations from co-workers or friends in the same health care system. Else just pick one that’s close to you. You can usually change if he/she isn’t acceptable.

Cuz I hardly ever get sick I just go to the same guy my girl goes too and he seems alright. I’d take Thrrrpptt!'s advice and ask workmates or friends for someone, also check out the clinic that they’re based in. If the place they work in looks shitty then the doctor won’t be much good :)

btw - How do you know it’s time to regularly go to a quack?

When you see his bill HAHAAH ah, God :(

mmm Jam.

Yeah, asking coworkers would be my advice too.