I recently started using Chowhound to get ideas for decent food when I’m in areas I’m not so familiar with. In browsing and participating in some of the local area discussion threads, I find that several posters seem to share my tastes much more so than with Yelp and there really aren’t too many douchey “HAY I’M A FOODIE” types either.

Does anybody else read the site? I’m especially curious what people working in the restaurant business (like triggercut) think of it.

I don’t read it as often as I probably should, but I do find it more useful than Yelp.

Yelp can have this problem where people either think a restaurant is the best place ever or the worst place ever, and don’t appear to understand the idea of in-between opinions. Chowhound threads seem a lot more balanced.

Chowhound isn’t bad, egullet is better.