Chris Avellone leaves Obsidian


Big mood.


I’m still not sure if he’s referring to codex or QT3.


If that’s not tongue in cheek, pretty sure he means Qt3:


Hey! Who’re you calling “anonymous”?


It’s true. All we have is big fucking mouse.


I was hit by a car. My head became acquainted with a curb. So that much is true. OTOH I still have my selfish inane bullshit. So there.


I’m still trying to parse this paragraph.


Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.


“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.”

  • A young Dakota Fanning, when asked about the trip scene in I Am Sam


That makes some sense. After all, we live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.


All we are is dust in the wind, dude.


Let me tell you a story. Once, many decades ago before there was a “World Wide Web” and all of the things that entailed, I was on a famous BBS. By “famous”, I mean “it was mentioned in a semi-obscure print magazine that concerned itself with such things”. Of course, for us, they were all semi-obscure print magazines, were they not? And seeing it mentioned wasa none-the-less a thrill. I was user number two (the story of how I cleverly edged out the admin’s GF for that honor is for another time). These were thrilling and exciting things for young Peacedog, although not as thrilling as mudding.

Anyway, this dude shows up on the BBS and he’s an absolute rock star. He’s got five hundred different theories about different things and each of them is complete and utter fucking nonsense. But some people eat that sort of shit up, you know? “oh hey this is an interesting discussion” well no it’s a bunch of verbal diarrhea but whatever. Anyway, eventually he gets to his timecube-level grand unification theory and a central tenant is about how time doesn’t exist when we’re not perceiving it. It’s just the worst pile of shit you could ever imagine. I mean it’s so deeply problematic that I felt embarrassed for the dude just for saying it and I didn’t like him. There are dozens of avenues that I can approach for some shade throwing, except of course we didn’t call it throwing shade back then.

I, for a variety of reasons, chose a simple one. “Do your toenails and hair not grow while you are asleep? I bet it would be easy to measure that”. And really, I’m just hoping he takes the time to measure it because I feel getting him to spend time doing that and now thinking about his inane theories would improve the world and also it would be funny. I swear I was this close to convincing him to do it. And of course a side discussion sprouts up about hot to best go about this, when to take measurements (before and after bed at minimum, so you can factor out growing during the day of course). But somehow and he starts talking about how “actually, I hve some theories on math that are really out there”. And this is a bridge too far, I know it and you can tell a few other people there (there’s a couple of dozen active members at this point) also know it. It’s a full-panic situation and I am strongly considering wrecking the BBS just to save us all from the madness. Instead, he got chased off for something unrelated (he was a little on the “fly off the handle” side, which pairs about as well as “please let me tell you about my five thousand fringe theories” as you might expect).

A couple of years ago, I read an article where Terrance Howard tries to convince me (the reader) has his own form of mathematics and 1^2 = 2. Now, the square of one being two is such a ludicrious proposition that it’s impossible to take anything about the person making it seriously. If true each and every one of our computing devices would immediately implode. But then it hits me like a lightning bolt, and I remember the dude from that BBS decades before. What if that dude was young Terrance Howard?

Makes you think.


I read that article about Terrence Howard a while back and it stuck with me. Its truly nuts.


This is how I felt for the 20 minutes I lasted in Sunless Sea.


Then it was a success. 'Cause me too. :)


So, what is the best method for measuring toenail growth?


A digital caliper, obviously.


A Brannock device.


No, no, I’m not anonymous and so is my wife!


Someone on ResetEra posted a screengrab of an Avellone post on RPGCodex criticizing Josh Sawyer’s performance on Tim Cain’s Private Division game. It’s pretty unprofessional.