Chris Penn checks out

According to yahoo he died here in Santa Monica today. :-( I’m pretty sure he’s in The Darwin Awards movie that is coming out soon.

Probably did a Belushi - usually that is what has happened when the family asks for privacy. 40 is an awfully young age to go.

As in Bloodsport, so in life.

Sorry dude, that was Best of the Best 2 where Chris Penn was killed. He was never in Bloodsport.

I am shamed.

“Checks out” is probably the worst euphemism for death there could be

Yeah, you’ve pretty much bought it at that point.

Oh I’m sure we can think of plenty of worse euphemisms. The title however was a reference.

How about kicks the bucket? At least a hotel metaphor has some poetry to it.

I’d sign off on that.

To what?

How about, Knocking but nobody’s home. One can short of a six pack. These are poetic metaphors, but checks out is sort of bland in my book.

That Steve Canyon guy, he’s a few french fries short of a happy meal. See? You can do that with anything.

Chris Penn chubs out

How about he ate himself to death(on heroin)?

“Checks out” is really insensitive if you ask me.

We should be concerned about Penn’s feelings. He may come back and haunt us in Fatal Frame 4.

You suck because this was pointed out two hours before you in a somewhat ambiguous topic in [i]Everything Else[/i].

You also suck because there was no link to support your outrageous claim, which is funny because you mention reading about it on Yahoo, and even cite details from the article.

Odd, I checked for that too…

I’m going with “Did a Belushi.”

I’ll always remember his pit fighter scene at the beginning of Best of the Best 2.

They are saying his death was accidental, but when you read the article it means his death was an accidental drug overdose I guess. Too bad.