Christien Murawski in the hospital

Oh no! Hey, xtien, I hope you can read all of these posts in a little bit and ruefully chuckle. We’re pulling for you. And it’s pronounced “Murawski”.

I am not sure what to say, but I hope he gets better. We need him, and he is certainly loved.

Christien, we’re all pulling for you! We’re all better for having (internet) known you!

Very sorry to hear this. I don’t know you but I pray for your recovery, and for your family.

Jesus, I’m so sorry to hear this. I love him on the podcasts, and he’s always such a pleasure to interact with in the movie threads. Wishing you a fast and full recovery, Christien.

I saved the nice hand written thank you note that Christien sent to me after secret Santa a few years back. It was such a nice thing to do and is now a physical reminder of what I associate with him: a thoughtful, personal, caring touch in an increasingly thoughtless, impersonal, uncaring world. We need more people like him.

Get better, Dingus.

Are we still sending messages to Dingus? Please wake up my dearest friend, I love you. You are the heart and soul of this place. I would give you a small ball that you hold in your hand. Squeeze it. Feel it. Make it yours. And wake up, my friend. Awake and see your friends. We love you. Now throw me the ball.

I just want to tell you: Good luck, and we are all counting on you.

I’m distracting you, you big turd blossom!


We don’t know each other, Christian, not really, but each and every post you’ve ever made in the threads I’ve followed over the last 16 years has been read with interest and enjoyment. We are a community of like minded souls, spread across this wide world of ours, and we are somehow more than the sum of our parts. You are a vital part of what makes us more, and I am deeply saddened to hear of your illness. Wishing you a speedy recovery, if that is possible, and the comfort of your loved ones.


I now pronounce you sane, white man!

Or something like that. Be well and know many folk are wishing you the best.

Oh no, who’s going to tell us about Star Wars! Wake up, Christien… we need you! Praying for you!

Christien, your voice has been an important part of my weekly routine for many years now. I rely on your enormous empathy and hopefulness to balance out those other weirdos on the podcast, and I can’t wait for you to be back.


His voice is truly amazing. A work of art.

Christien, I don’t know you at all and have had almost no interaction with you on the forum, but your posts are always laced with humility, compassion, integrity and humor. Come back to us buddy. We’re thinking of you.


Just an Internet stranger here who creeps on you via podcast, but my wife and I are earnestly hoping for your quick and full recovery.

@fire If we were there we’d give you a long, warm hug. You’re an angel. We’re here for you too.

Thanks everyone. I read these (And the ones I received via texts) aloud for Christien. I think his dad enjoyed hearing many of the stories you shared about Christien’s character. Thank you for your support.

So he’s awake??!

No :(
But as a person who spent 3 weeks in a coma… you do integrate some external sensory stimuli into your state of being. Sounds and temperature were what I did. I heard people crying. And I know someone reading to me (my Mom) was soothing.