Christine O'Donnell keeps on giving

You can’t make this stuff up. I’m going to miss her.

Too. Awesome. I just hope she drags Sarah Palin down in her epic fail, somehow.

I am sure Bill Maher will be happy to have her back as host on his show. Before she was just the kooky Christian nut case, now she is former Senatorial candidate and has national name recognition.

When is she going to have her own porn movie parodying her?

“This is another example of the liberal media shamelessly attacking Christine O’Donnell to boost their ratings,” Moran said in the statement, even though Jensen, the host of the show in question, is a well-known conservative.


Won’t happen. Palin has so much epic fail of her own, yet somehow she’s still around.

His last name is “Moran”? Seriously?

O’Donnell stays true to form, even on the insignificant (but hilarious) details.

The difference being that it’s possible, if you squint really hard and shove your thumbs in your ears, to almost take her seriously. Almost. She’s very careful not to declare with a completely straight face that she is not a witch on national television. Or suggest that separation of church and state isn’t covered in The Constitution. Palin is wrong about facts a lot, but O’Donnell is a whole different universe of incorrect. Palin seems like an ignorant person, which is not somebody I want in charge, but O’Donnell seems like the lady version of Stan Lee after the poor man’s brain finally goes out on him and he loses the capacity to distinguish the imagination universe from the real one (Seriously? O’Donnell Smash Television Station?).

And when is she going to star in it?

That sort of brain meltdown is what I think of when I see Palin give one her babbling answers to interview questions, in which she just keeps saying things at random as if she hoped she’d get credit for the right answer she if mentioned enough different topics.

Whenever I see one of those Palin interviews, I’m always reminded of ELIZA, the computer program that would make an appearance of conversing intelligently with you but would make completely incoherent statements when the parsing and substitution got overwhelmed. Palin’s canned responses and catchphrase sprinkling is reminscent of the fallback scripts used by ELIZA when your inputs fell outside its small area of knowledge.

I wonder if Palin would pass the Turing Test.

Oh my god make him stop asking me the hard questions!

I posed that very question in the Sarah Palin thread. In fact, it was right after a post by you.

Oh my god make him stop asking me the hard questions!

“Rick, I don’t have prepared answers for this line of questioning. My handler will have to choke you out if you continue.”

I say she should be totally put to the test. Because she may in fact be a robot sent from the future to destroy our civilisation.

So, what you’re saying is Idiocracy was a documentary?

The next person who references Idiocracy gets a punch in the sack. Seriously, that movie fucking sucked. Let’s move on.

Go away. 'Batin.

It may not have been great but it certainly seems to have been prophetic.

Brawndo, it’s got what WarrenM craves.