Christmas for gadget guys

I’m trying to get something for a friend of mine who’s into all sorts of gadgets: indoor R/C helicopters, Robo Sapien stuff, Bluetooth headsets, ridiculous cellphones, etc. Unfortunately I have no idea what to get him. I’m looking to spend around $300 but I’m totally out of the electronic toy scene. He works as an electronics/mechanical engineer designing and building robots for DARPA and autistic children. Apparently there’s some overlap there :)

Any ideas? He’s into active play- no consoles, handhelds, anything like that.

I wish for a friend who’ll give me $300 gifts.
Can I be your friend? I have a wishlist.

Harmony Remote,crid=2080&categoryid=406

Here’s a Wurlitzer jukebox that you can plug your iPod into! They don’t actually list a price so I’m going to pretend it’s in your $300 price range, although I may be off by a 0. (attach kitchen knives to them and dogfight) (buy a bunch and have a last-man-standing party)

Oh, and if you’re willing to spend a bit more this would be good:

Wow, JMJ nailed it perfectly…except for the sjambok, I don’t think that would end well.

Thanks for the ideas, keep 'em coming!

Like I said in another thread, the slingbox is a great gadget gift.

If you get him this one, he might think you’re gay.

Gas Powered airsoft pistol. If he even kinda likes guns he would love it.

If the guy has a Mechano collection I’m sure he could always use more. The new robotic lego also kicks ass.

Does he have a roomba? maybe overly practical, but the mother in law just wooted one for me and sent it straight here. I cant fucking wait to have a robot to harrass the dogs, even if its a boring domestic one.

Yeah, he’s got a modified Roomba which chases his dog.
The dog has moved past the initial fear and now jumps on the thing as soon as it gets close.