Christmas - Searching for DS Lite deal

Help me QT3.

I’m looking for a deal on a DS Lite for my daughter. Color is unimportant. I know I can buy a new one for $130 all over the place, so I’m looking for anyplace with a better deal than that on a new one.

Also, used ones were $60 at Gamestop on Black Friday, now they are supposedly $80, only all the Gamestop locations in my area sold out on Black Friday and haven’t had any traded in since. The guy at the last store I tried said they had like 70 of them Black Friday morning and people were buying 5 at a time (presumeably to resell on Ebay as they routinely fetch around $100 there).

I called a Gamestop on the other side of town from me and they actually had one used DS Lite left, in Coral Pink even. The guy described the condition as “mint”, and he did not lie. It looks barely used, works great, and is now mine ($80). My daughter will be very pleased on Christmas morning, and I saved $50 over buying a new one. I prompty spent $15 of it at Besy Buy on some loathsome looking “Bratz” DS game that I know she will like. :)