Christmas time and time to buy a console...which one?


You’ll get a lot of people recommending the Nintendo Switch and I agree that it offers the thing that’s most different from the PC. It’s portable and its library will be somewhat exclusive because Nintendo doesn’t make games for anything else (other than your phone… and the 3DS). The thing that concerns me in your post is that you say you see “mostly arcade games” for it. While I think that’s selling the lineup short, the Switch library is likely to emphasize action games. Maybe that won’t be for you?

PS4 and Xbox One are largely similar machines with similar games. The big third party stuff you can already play on your PC is playable there too. PS4 has a larger installed base of gamers so it’s easier to find players online if you enjoy online play, especially in more niche titles that appear on both. Microsoft has a couple of excellent exclusives if you want a really great driving game (Forza) or you love Halo (which we do at my house). Microsoft does seem interested in letting you play almost everything on either Xbox or PC though, so frankly, I don’t think the value is there for someone who wants to add to their possibilities. All it really does is give you an affordable option to play PC-like games and your back catalog of Xbox 360 games on the TV. PS4 at least offers exclusives, the possibility of VR with an additional purchase, and better in game performance on the standard box. If you really want to go “Pro” then Xbox One X has more power, but also has that game catalog issue where there isn’t much that’s exclusive to sell it and a good PC will still be on par.

For PC gamers, I think the Switch is the best console option if they want unique experiences for console gaming to supplement their PC gaming. If you just want to move your PC gaming to your TV, either hook up a PC to your TV and get an Xbox 360 wireless dongle and four controllers or go for the PS4 at the low end and an Xbox One X at the high.

That’s not even getting into same room multiplayer, where I think Nintendo always offers a lot more for people to enjoy starting first and foremost with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The next best option there is also the PC with that 360 dongle setup tbh.


I’m tempted at $189 just to play Ninja Gaiden Black.

What are the odds they announce another wave of backwards compatibility before Black Friday? Ninja Gaiden 2 would make it worth it.


If you already have a gaming PC, don’t have friends on any of the consoles, and want an experience that’s truly different, I agree the Switch is the way to go-- if and only if you actually want to play Zelda, Mario, and Splatoon, because those three games are pretty much it.

If you don’t care about those games, look at the exclusives on Xbone and PS4. PS4 has all the naughty dog games, Bloodborne, Nier Automata, Persona 5, and The Last Guardian. Xbone has Halo and… umm, nothing else of note I can think of that isn’t also on PC.


C’mon, man. There’s a rather large library already and most people will tell you that all the Nintendo released games so far have been pretty great, even if they’re not your cup of tea. Pokken Tournament DX is an excellent fighting game. Mario + Rabbids is a super tactical game. ARMS is also a unique take on fighting. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best Mario Kart of them all. Fire Emblem Warriors is a really awesome amalgamation of the Warriors game style and Fire Emblem.

That’s just silly to say it only has three games.


I included Mario Kart under Mario but you’re right, it deserves to be counted too. The others are much smaller titles unlikely to drive a console purchase like Bloodborne or Halo unless he specifically enjoys the genre. Mario, Zelda, and arguably Splatoon are console-sellers on their own.

PS4 and particularly Xbone have very few exclusives this generation too, particularly if you already have a gaming PC. The main difference is with a PS4/Xbone you also get all the cross-platform titles, but he doesn’t care about that.


For me, anything that I could be playing, I’d rather be playing on my PC than my PS4. The performance is significantly better (even on a Pro) and I can play with a more accurate controller. For the times I want to play on my TV, I can grab a controller and play via my Steam Link.

The Switch changes that with it’s portability. There are times I’m not around my desk or my couch and want to play a game. I’ve only had my Switch for a few days but I’ve already used it more than the PS4 the entire time I’ve had it for that reason.


What games are available for free?


Generally there is at least one announcement a week, sometimes two, either on Tuesday and/or Thursday. They announced 4 more about a half hour ago, though none were Ninja Gaiden 2.


So after reading this thread, I end up wanting a Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One X and a PC.



I don’t especially want a Switch but my son has been lobbying hard for one. I may fold under the pressure.


Yeah that’s me too - not played much PS4 at all since getting the Switch earlier in the year. I’m now choosing Switch versions over PC due to the added portability (eg. Steamworld Dig 2, Stardew Valley).

And the games are refreshingly different to most of the stuff on the other platforms. Once Xenoblade 2 lands in just over two weeks, there may very well be three Switch games in my top five for the year. I’d also think that going forward we’ll see a library with more JRPGs/strategy/adventure type games, similar to 3DS.

Though the PS4 did have Persona 5, and I’ll be back for Monster Hunter World (and double-dipping on PC, but I’m a MH junkie). Still sore that MH Switch only released in Japan. :)


Personally, anything I could be playing on the Xbox or the PS4 instead of the PC, I do.

I hate sitting in front of a computer monitor all day and then doing it at night to play games. Of course I could hook my computer up to a TV or get some kind of steam machine but I just like to sit down in front of my huge TV’s and play console games. I don’t play strategy or wargames anymore which is what I used to play all the time on the PC. I instead play strategy and war board games now.

So, for me, PS4 and Xbox have replaced my PC for gaming. I miss the mouse control for action games but oh well, don’t have to worry about CPU’s and GPUS, and slow start ups, and viruses and video card issues and conflicts, and upgrading, etc. So much easier with not much to maintain.

I had a switch for awhile but never used it as a portable and even though the games are fun and colorful, etc…I’m just too old and would rather play more mature games with better graphics now. I do watch my kid play on his switch though.

I would go for the PS4…I just like that better than the Xbox…always have. But, I just bought an Xbox One X and have been playing on that a lot lately but if I had to pick one, PS4.


Yeah, same here. Right now I’m playing a LOT on the PC, because of Grim Dawn but man, I hate sitting at a computer all day at work, and then sitting at a computer again at home. I love Grim Dawn, but I can’t wait to be done eventually with this excellent game so that I can go back to being on Xbox or PS4.

Personally I would also recommend the PS4 or Switch over Xbox. When it launched, there was a lot I liked about the Xbox over the PS4 for a multimedia machine, like being able to give voice commands on the Kinect, snapping TV to the side so I could play Destiny and watch TV at the same time, and various other little conveniences. But those have all been patched out. No more voice commands on the Kinect, and no more snapping TV. And the interfaces for Plex and Netflix have gotten worse over time. So when it’s down to just exclusives, I’d say PS4 or Switch are the way to go, since everything moving forward on Xbox should also come to Windows 10 store also.


While I don’t own a switch, this article on Kotaku highlights the indie games landing on switch, so to me, it felt like there are some good games - albeit ports from previous releases, but if you haven’t played them, some look pretty good:


I’m going through the same dilemma @Warfran. I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth it to get a console as I prefer gaming on my PC. I’ve got an new standing desk with an antifatigue mat. It’s funny how much more I enjoy standing at the computer now.

I’ve had consoles before and I never use them a ton, but there are some games that I really want to play. For me, it’s between the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch, and of course neither. The exclusives I know about that I want are

PS 4
Last of Us 2
Horizon Zero Dawn
Uncharted 4 + its stand alone expansion
Everybody’s Golf (maybe)
Driveclub (maybe)
Bloodbourne (maybe)
MLB The Show (maybe)

The Switch
Zelda Breath of the Wild
Mario + Rabbids
Mario Odyssey (maybe)
Mario Cart 8 Deluxe (maybe)
Splatoon 2 (maybe)
Fast RMX (maybe)

I tend to think I want the PS4 games more than the Switch (especially The Last of Us 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn), but Zelda and Mario + Rabbids both look very promising. Then there is the price - a PS4 will be sub $200. Not sure of the Switch will come down from $299. I don’t think I’d use the mobility of the Switch all that often.


Man, people tell me how much more awesome the PS4’s exclusives are than the Xbox’s and I’m just not seeing it. Still, I’m sure it’s a solid device and plays games well.


It kind of sounds like you already know which one you want :)

Opinions obviously differ on this, but I’ve not found the Switch exclusives all that compelling. Zelda was a miserable slog, Mario Kart is totally pointless, and while I like Rabbids it’s very hard to play it for more than half an hour in a sitting. It doesn’t help that playing on the PC is just vastly more comfortable with my setup. So the Switch has ended up as a pure travel gadget for me.


I heard that Skyrim is coming for the Switch, and I was checking out DOOM…two major PC titles and a few sports titles I like as well with FIFA 18 and NBA 2k18.
So it’s sounding more rounded out as far as types of games available.


Didn’t even realize I had two accounts till I tried to log i on a new machine and warfran was the one that came up…but thanks for getting me back to the regular account.


There’s only so many annual releases of Forza one man can play…

But more seriously, the full list of Xbox retail exclusives for 2017 appears to consist of three games. They didn’t generate a lot of discussion on Qt3:

  • Halo Wars 2 (a 30 post thread)
  • Forza 7 (a 22 post thread about loot boxes)
  • Super Lucky’s Tale (no thread)

Actually, the only high profile Xbox one console exclusive of this year was Cuphead, a $20 indie platformer (a 100 post thread). Not that there’s anything wrong with the genre, but even the most sublime 2d indie platformers won’t sell consoles.

Ffor the PS4 I think there were something like 20-30 retail exclusives. Enough that it’d actually be real work to figure out the exact list and see if someone here actually cared about them. So just the obvious high profile ones:

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn (500 post main thread, 100 post spoiler thread, and a jolly 270 post flamewar that probably doesn’t count)
  • Nier: Automata (220 post normal thread, spoiler thread 20 posts)
  • Nioh (220 post thread)
  • Persona 5 (160 post thread)
  • Yakuza 0 (50 post thread)
  • Uncharted: Lost Legacy (a 7 post thread)
  • Gran Turismo Sport (a 80 post thread; which seems strangely positive on a quick skim, I thought for some reason that this was widely hated?)

Other than poor little Uncharted: Lost Legacy, this forum was much more interested in these games than any of the Xbox ones. Is it really so surprising that people prefer the set of games that’s both larger and clearly more engaging to this particular audience?

On a personal level, there are four games on that PS4 list that I’ve played or really want to play; just don’t have the time. And then there’s one that I already watched a 50 hour playthrough of, so can’t really justify playing myself. On the flipside it means they probably had 20+ exclusives that I have zero interest in. But it doesn’t matter how many games miss, it’s all about whether there were some hits.

And it’s pretty hard to get those hits without actually releasing a decent number of games. Microsoft is not doing it themselves, and they aren’t getting any partners to do that either. So this year all they had was the 10th annual installment of Forza, a C-tier 3d platfomer, and a console RTS that sank without a trace. It’s like if all we got for PS4 was GT Sport, Knack 2, and MLB: The Show.