Christmas Videos 2018

Actually I decided I wanted a new topic for this. My sister is trying to get me to relax and get into the Christmas Spirit.

Here’s what she’s sent so far…

Let’s mostly try to keep this safe for work. I am sure I will get a ton more over the next weeks, probably from both sisters even.

@lordkosc you wanna put Shattner here. You kind of inspired the idea i should share some fun holiday videos.

My favorite Christmas song ever.

That is a fun one!

The things that entertain kids…

Apparently this is things schools do now. It’s cute though.

What else is Social Media good for, bringing back old videos and making them fun again!

Loved that sketch! The Jingle Bells one was also pretty great:

The really hilarious thing about that is that they’re basically doing a note-for-note, tempo-for-tempo match of Barbra Streisand’s godawful “Jingle Bells” from her 1967 try at a Christmas album. And yes, it is every bit as bad as that, just weaponized awfulness.

Wrapping Hacks for the Slackers!

Coming soon: Wrapping Slacks for Hackers.

Mega 64 has put out their yearly ChristmasCast, an intense eating tournament. Be sure to eat while watching, you’ll thank me later.

And if you need a recap of last year:

I’ve got to be honest, I’d never have heard this horrid, HORRID version of Jingle Bells if my wife’s friend hadn’t put together these amazing Christmas music compilations:

Specifically this one:

There’s so much terrible Christmas music.

From 20th Century Fox’s official youtube account: