Christopher Nolan's.... DUNKIRK? (2017)

Reports are that Nolan’s next film will be a treatment of the evacuation of Dunkirk, shot in IMAX 65mm and featuring Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh and Tom Hardy.

— Alan

I believe you mean Christopher

Oh… poop.

— Alan

Teaser trailer. It doesn’t spoil anything, unless you’re totally unaware of WW2 history.

Yep, just as I thought. A movie about a bunch of dudes standing around on a beach.


Needs more volleyball and Kenny Loggins.

I wonder how it will compare to the bit in Atonement, besides being longer and probably being more than one shot.

And Tom realizes that his dream of a prequel to Beach Blanket Bingo is finally coming true!

The extras in Atonement are better actors. (That’s also an amazing shot. I need to see that movie.)

As a Nolan fan and WWII history buff, I’m excited for this.

First full trailer:

Why make a WW2 war movie about the one big event which probably had the least to do with actual war?
The interesting thing about Dunkirk is what happened at the higher levels, especially on the german side and yet this movie seems to focus on the soldier’s viewpoint?
Not that this is bad but the event for doing this is just a baffling choice to me and I don’t see an audience for this at all.

It’s a Nolan movie, so absolutely no trailer for me, even if I do know what happened at Dunkirk.

I find my best viewing experiences are the ones where I go in completely blind thanks to not watching the trailer.

Same here Woolen. I’m going to watch it. So why expose myself to a single scene beforehand?

Yeah, that’s the thing. The marketing guys will spoil the hell out of the good stuff in the movie. And even if they don’t, you’re doing a mental catalog of all the scenes you saw in the trailer, whether you’re aware of it or not.

Well, the feeling the trailer gave off for me isn’t about battles or strategies or anything like that. It’s going to focus on the human side of the equation, it’s going to use Dunkirk as way to have people feeling defenseless and hopeless in the beaches, waiting for a sea transport that seems it’s never coming soon enough, as the german bombers thin out the soldier, never knowing if the next bomb will fall far way, or it will kill your friend, or it will kill you finally. All meanwhile some brave mean sacrifice their lives heroically in a last stand in the rear to buy time for the rest.
Cheap drama, in other words.

I don’t know about the global audience, but Dunkirk is arguably the central part of WW2 mythology in the UK, after the Blitz. It’s as salient as Pearl Harbor for Americans. It would definitely have an audience here, albeit an older one.

If Dunkirk will be like the first 20 minutes of Dark Knight, I am in… I mean if he uses Dunkrik as a huge setpiece for his directing style. I noticed, that in his recent films, he is more interested about pacing/setpiece etc. like Inception, Interstellar and DK…

Yeah, I feel more compelled about watching a movie on Dunkirk or anything on the Eastern Front (my favorite WW2 film is 1993’s Stalingrad) than yet another D-Day/Bulge thing. It’s just a more compelling setting and human situation for me.

Dunkirk was a major turning point in the war. Even the Allied generals thought that the casualties expected from Dunkirk would set the Allied offensive back years, with estimates so high that the British High command was considering a conditional surrender. Showing it from the perspective of the boots on the ground will certainly be dramatic. It will be interesting to see how much they focus on Hitler’s “Halt Order” which likely spared 300,000 Allied troops. The motivations behind that order are still very much in question.

New trailer.