Christopher Nolan's TENET (2020)

What is the reason for doing that? It destroys the immersion.


I want to watch Tenet in mono.

I honestly think half the reason is that he believes his movies are worth watching multiple times. I admittedly have done this with the majority of them, but I don’t think that’s fair to sacrifice the initial viewing for whatever would be the benefit of that…

When I first watched this (at a drive in) I remember seeing the first backwards-bullets appear and thinking oh man, it’s all going to coalesce into a cataclysmic battle at the end and I’m going to see where those bullets came from. There’s going to be more and more backwards-battle detritus show up throughout the film, continuously ratcheting up the tension

…and well, yeah, sort of.

The car chase scene was pretty awesome.

‘It couldn’t have happened any other way’ is a clever/annoying conceit.

“I’m watching Tenet at my house later.”

I thought my TV was broken when I watched Tenet. I couldn’t hear a word the characters were saying. So, I had to crank the volume up. Then when the action started, I had to turn it down. It was annoying af.

My initial experience was here, and yeah the audio was a big problem

I will say that 2 years on my initial reaction has firmly settled. At the time I was reluctant to fully commit because I so liked other Nolan films, but today I am firmly in ‘fuck you Chris’ land for his audio mix.