Christopher Walken for 2008 president!

I cannot believe nobody has mentioned this yet… Christopher Walken has apparently entered the presidential race to be elected for 2008. So far he does not have a publically available platform (he’s actually writing it himself), but his support of stem cell research, a desire to put this country back on track while acknowledging its screwed up right now. It should also be worth mentioning he belongs to neither of the two major parties, nor does he have any plans for allying with any of them!

I like what I see so far, now lets see the platform before I cast my vote ;).

I’ll vote for him as long as doing so involves checking “More cowbell” on the ballot.

I keep thinking that this can’t possibly be real, and then I remember that the Terminator is the Governor of California.

We’d be totally safe from terrorist attack, if he were elected. Think about it… who is going to fuck with Christopher Walken? Nobody, that’s who.

<Walken Voice>I would. SO. Vote for Christopher. WALKEN. He would make. An EXCELLENT. Candidate…</Walken Voice>

He would! Can you imagine the debates? The commercials? The soundbytes?

Russian Roullette to decide the winner?

Isn’t he supposed to be completely mental?

Completely untrustworthy anecdote relayed by FoaF :

On the set of Prophecy 3, one of the scenes is in a park with a fountain. At the shoot, lunch is called, and the crew repair to the catering facilities, with the exception of Walken. He walks the other way, back to the fountain, stripping to his underwear and climbing in. He spends the whole lunchbreak submerged in the water except for the top of his head around eye-level, with short breathing breaks. At the end of the break, the crew return to the set, Walken gets out of the fountain and is passed a robe by one of the crew, who asks what he was doing. He stares into the middle-distance and says “For lunch, I was a crocodile”.

I’d rather have a guy who wants to be a crocodile in his lunch break running the whitehouse than a guy who gets advice from God.

Gods have a nasty habit of wanting armageddon, a crocodile would probably be appeased with a steak.

It’s not real - it was started over at the Genmay forums as a joke Thread Here Be warned, that forum will melt your brain.

Jeezus, the right-wing smear campaign is already on!

It’s not real - it was started over at the Genmay forums as a joke Thread Here Be warned, that forum will melt your brain.[/quote]

Oh, well, was gonna vote for him too :(.

Maybe once he sees all the support he’ll run for president.

At the very least, perhaps he could just be president for lunch.

Don’t we already have a president that’s a croc?

Just the thought of it has filled me with great joy. Can you imagine how entertaining a debate with this guy would be? He could say the dumbest shit possible and win the office in a walk.

It’s hard to imagine, I know.

See, why can’t this be real? Seriously! Pretty sad that there aren’t any prospective Democratic candidates even a tenth as good as Walken would be.

“Berlusconi told ‘You’re all descended from niggers.’ in tit for tat diplomatic gaffe competition.”

the word you are looking for is “crook”. :twisted: