Chrome bookmark manager with a visual option?

I have a bunch of bookmarks for a development project, all nested under a top level bookmark (call it “Project”) with subfolders (e.g. Art 1, Art 2, Graphics 1, etc.) In each of these folders are web sites with graphic assets. I need a bookmark manager that will show the bookmarks in a tree form on the left side of the screen, then when I select a folder the right side will show me, visually, a preview of the pages in that folder.

The one that comes the closest is called It does exactly what I want, EXCEPT I’ve found when I add new subfolders it simply doesn’t see them. The Chrome/Vivaldi bookmark manager sees them, but simply doesn’t. So - worthless.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but I find the Collections in Microsoft Edge to be easier to manage and browse than the bookmarks. You at least get visuals with the folders.