Chrome demo

Anyone else check it out?

Nice engine. Great foliage and dense forests (I wish PlanetSide looked this good). Good weapons and decent control. Awful, awful dialog.

Oh god, yes. If this is the one I’m thinking about, I immediately uninstalled the demo because the dialogue was so incredibly horrid that I just could not stand it. First time ever that’s happened.

Yeah the demo is pretty cool. Plays like a mix between Halo and Deus Ex (mainly inventory and cyber implants only), alot like the Codename Outbreak game (underrated!). Wonder how the multi will be.


Right, is this the same demo? Has anybody who played the first one, played this just released version to tell?

I haven’t played the new official demo - I had a beta (a few levels) demo from E3. The gameplay itself was rock solid, a lot of fun, but christ, the voice acting was bad. The fighting was fun, however - enemies dodged grenades, tried to take cover, and sniping them from a tower to cover your “ally” was fun, during the base insertion.

I don’t mind bad voice acting in games… except Mechwarrior 4… that was TERRIBLE to the point of feeling bad for the actors.


It’s not just the voice acting–it’s the writing, too. The dialog reads like a mix between half-literate high school fan fiction and poorly translated anime. That doesn’t bode too well for the single-player game; every time the characters talked in the mission I had to pause the game until the laughing fits passed.

But yeah, the mechanics are interesting, and the game has a great look and feel.

Was it better or worse than this?

I can’t imagine anything ever being better than that.