Chrome Has Gone To Hell

Same as Skipper. I keep all non-frequently used bookmarks in the folders to the right

Except Qt3! Can we do something about that @Clay/@Synth ? You’d think the eyeball would be an icon for the frontpage and forums.

I’ve got one at least

I wonder if its a certificate thang?

That one is to the forums. To get to the front page I just go to the forum link, then click on the bigger “blood eyed joe” at the top left of the forums.

It may have been leftover from something before. You could certainly save and apply it.

Fixed. Making the bookmark point to the forum frontpage did it.

Do you mean “Enable LayoutNG”? Disabling it does nothing on my machine.

It’s “UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome”
Set it to Normal.

Oh, thank God!

See, even Google knows the new UI isn’t right!

Personal preference, really. We all just got used to the old UI over the past 10 years. I don’t mind the new one, but then I’ve never used Chrome as my primary browser due to its terrible support for mouse gestures.

I am pretty much a sheeple with UI changes, I go with the flow and either don’t mind or actively like. I like shiny new interfaces, but this just seemed a solid step back. It’s ugly, harder to read, and I don’t get any benefits from it. That may be a first for me with a major product like Chrome.

That’s OK, because it was the impetus to change. Chrome just fucked up all my bookmarks on several computers when it logged them out thanks to the login changes which was another reason to switch to Firefox. So far it has been working great and is a helluva lot less evil than Google these days.

I accepted this might be the case, but after a week now of trying to new UI I went back to the old one again and my reaction was “holy shit, this looks so much better”.

If you have DPI Scaling Level set to a higher value (I use 150%) in Windows, the new Chrome tabs are way too huge and a waste of space.

I like that. So just click and it’s a drop down of links for that specific category?

Yep! Easy as pie. For me, at least.

Everybody doesn’t do that? I’ve been doing that since like, Netscape days.

Sadly in the new chrome version the normal option for the top UI no longer exist. I’m sad now.

Same. I have no clue why someone thought this was better.

Firefox actually looks better than Chrome now.

Out of nowhere to just ruin my Monday. Though I’m actually more annoyed by the iOS version than the desktop version, for some reason.